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    I just bought this mg td replica made on a 1977 chevette 4 speed from fiberfab.

    After I had the car inspected, then registered the car and got my tag I went for a drive.

    PROBLEM #1

    We were driving down the road when the car started ideling faster then normal, then when we turned into a store parking lot and turned the car “off” it kept the engine running and bumping until it finally died after 15-20 seconds.

    When we came back out and tried to start the car the serpentine belt started screaming and burning up.  The air injector emission pump was frozen solid.  Had the car towed to my mechanic.  He is going to remove the injection pump and it’s junk, and put on a shorter belt for me totally bypassing the emission pump for good. (Legal in Kansas because of car age and no inspections here).


    = why did the car keep running when we turned it off?

    = what else can I remove to clean up the engine compartment?




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