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    I am wondering if there is any way I can quiet down my
    vehicle exhaust. (Just thinking I’d like to stay on good terms with my
    neighbors).  It might also be nice to be able to enjoy some music when
    out for a drive.

    Looks like a standard VW muffler, but there a twin trumpet style tailpipes on both sides.  Could replacing these be the answer?

    Any thoughts on how to get a quieter ride would be appreciated.




    Many guys run this Monza:


    Or a single tip version:


    But remember, these are air cooled engines in uninsulated engine compartments. They’ll never really be quiet.

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    You are also sitting in an open car with your ears only a few inches away from the engine compartment (remember, your driver’s seat is where the back seat used to be).. That alone makes it noisier than a standard Beetle.

    I have been thinking along the same lines, however. I’m thinking to put a snorkel on my carb to put the intake as far away as possible, then to make a fiberglass liner for the spare so it seals to the engine lid and blocks any airflow (i.e. noise) coming from that location, which is the closest to my ears. Of course, normal Dynamat-type sound insulation all over and seals around the rest of the engine compartment are also part of the plan. It wouldn’t exactly be quiet, but it might move most of the noise farther away and hence “seem” quieter.

    Also, Dynamat and thick carpet padding throughout the interior will reduce road noise entering the cabin. Engine noise would be unaffected, but the overall noise levels might drop a decibel or two by keeping the road noise out.




    Maybe I’ll just live with (and adjust to/enjoy) the sound levels for a while…and try to remember not to start up early in the morning for the neighbors’ sake.  Thanks for the information.




    If it is truly a stock muffler, you could replace the “flared trumpet” tailpipes with stock-style tailpipes and make it significantly quieter. Stock tailpipes have a layer of sound baffling all the way around the interior of the tailpipe, which makes a quite noticeable difference.

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    Personally, I like the sound of the engine on my LR.
    It has a nice throaty rumble.
    It IS more amplified with the top and wings up. Seems to box in the sound.

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