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    I’m finally getting back to work on Kathy’s Fibrefab TD. Over the Christmas break I fabbed a new steering column, using an EMPI 6″ bushing attached to a shortened VW column, incorporating the VW collapsible section. Also went to the local junkyard and scored a rear seat from a ’95 Firebird in excellent condition. Cut the back down 3 inches, and it looks like it will fit quite well. I need to shave another 2 inches off it tonight.




    Are your seat bottoms from the 95 Firebird as well? The look pretty comfy.

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    Looks great.




    Yes; the seat bottoms are from the Firebird. Camaros also had the 2 piece bottom cushions. Rear seats don’t see much wear, and I will not even have to re-upholster these. I just hog-ringed the material back together after splitting it at the bottom. LKQ (local junkyard) charged me $50. Great deal. They will allow me enough room to get in and out (I’m 5’11 and 290), and I’ll have an upholstery shop make up a booster pad for my wife, who is only 5’3.




    i also have camaro/firebird back seat in the works and got the seat harness and associated hardware as well. are you going to use the shoulder harness ? it appears you can reverse the brackets on the top corners where they bolt in and  have a tidy setup assuming a suitable anchor can be found for the reel. have you found a suitable way to mount the bottoms? maybe some pics if you have.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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