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    This falls project is to replace the front upper and lower control arms on my Ford based kit.  In my configuration there is a strut that goes between the lower control arm and frame.  Is this necessary?  Who has removed this arm?  The new control arms are on order and I don’t think there is a provision for reattaching this strut.  I believe this arm isn’t necessary, opinions ?




    The original MustangII front suspension used a strut rod that attached rearwards of the lower control arm and attached with rubber bushings to an angled bracket that bolted to the frame. There are companies that offer the lower arm as strutless and as such have no provision for the strut. Make sure the arms you’re using are strutless before you install them. If you require the strut they’re available from several sources but you’ll have to make the frame mounting bracket. It’s just a thick plate of steel with a fold in it and a big hole for the bushings to mount the strut. Page 17 of the assembly manual available on this site has an illustration.

    If you don’t have the front end assembled I would not advise using the factory Ford spring. The thing will ride like a rock. A set of aftermarket springs with a lower spring rate will improve the ride. Check with a local spring shop. To make it real easy, Alden has a coilover that bolts right in place of the factory shock. Installation of the shock and spring couldn’t be easier and it’s adjustable.


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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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