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    I am considering buying an early Dayotna MIGI. Prior owner was apparently very short and installed 1-1/2″ (2×6) spacers under the fiberglass battery box and seat riser frame to lift seat up. To me it is like sitting up on top of the car instead of sitting down in it. But with original VW pedal arrangement my legs are too long and I am only 5’8″” tall — now if I remove the 1-1/2″ spacer blocks my legs will really be cramped and I might still sit too high. Has anyone cut away part of the shelf behind seats to allow seat back (& seat) to be relocated further to rear?? If I relocate battery from under passenger seat to shelf behind seats can I also cut down the fiberglass box arrangement which elevates the seat?? (if I can do this I know I will have to move seat and seatback toward rear or my knees will hit my chin) — So main question is whether there is clearance to cut front vertical face of the rear shelf away and some of the shelf itself to enable relocating seat and seatback 2 inches or so toward rear??




    Better to move the pedals forward than try to move the seat back. Removing that rear bulkhead leaves the transaxle exposed, and the torsion housing blocks you from moving the seat farther back anyway. 

    Pedal reinstallation is tricky but not impossible–the ones you have were installed by the P.O. It’s a matter of a drill and a hole saw. The build manual will give you the right idea. From what you describe, you’ll want to go far enough forward that the existing holes won’t be a factor. Just weld a little plate where they are now. 
    Lowering the seat should be pretty straightforward. If the battery doesn’t fit when you’re done, find a shorter battery, maybe with side terminals. Putting it farther aft will get you into weight distribution issues. If anything, move it up under the “bonnet.”
    Post more questions as you require. Good luck!



    John, I too own an early Daytona (my number is below.  What’s yours?).  I am 5’11” tall and have no problems fitting nicely inside.  I do not have any spacers under the boxes.  Since you know that you are uncomfortable sitting so high, why not remove the 2×6’s and see if you could get comfortable?  Perhaps remove the seat back altogether just to see if you are more comfy that way.   if so, then you could possibly mount the back of the seat above the shelf and save yourself 2″+/-.  If this puts the top of the seat too high, it would be easier to cut the back down than to cut the shelf (which may significantly weaken the tub). 

    If I was going to relocate the battery, I’d put it all the way forward just behind the grill for better weight distribution. 

    I don’t know if there is enough room to cut the shelf.  I’m putting a couple of coil-over springs in later this week and will offer an estimate of just how much I think you could cut. 

    Royal2015-11-01 22:00:03




    The PO of my TDR was also short, and like jesdreamer, he had added 2×6’s under the fiberglass seat bases.  He also mounted the seatback so it was farther forward than originally designed.  Being 6′-4″, this was a significant problem as I could barely fit in the car at all.  I re-did both the seatbases and the seatback, and solved my comfort problem.

    My new seatbases are significantly lower than the FiberFab seatbases.  In fact, almost too much so.  Right now I am sitting so low that I will probably have to add back a 1″ spacer underneath the bases so I can see out better.  Given our relative heights, I have to agree with Royal that removal of the 2x6s should lower you more than enough.
    Mainly I solved my comfort problem by reclining the seatback — but the way I did that was by moving the hinge point low and forward, to the front of the minishelf below the package shelf.  This works great for giving me a way-back recline and getting me away from the steering wheel, but it also has the result of moving me a couple of inches forward toward the pedals.  For my car and me, this is not a problem.  However, since you are already too close to the pedals, what I did won’t help you at all.  I think you are going to have to relocate the pedals forward like edsnova suggested.




    At 6’2″ my seats sit on 1-1/2″ angle iron. The seat back was cut down and moved to the rear shelf. Some folks think it’s way too far back but I find it comfortable. It’s position was moved several times before I was satisfied.

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"

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