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      Started prepairing a set of opal speedometer and tachom eter for my Fiberfab MG. Idid not like the 3 3/8″ gauges that came with the car. Opel’s speedometer and tach are 5 3/16″ in diameter and have black faces.


      To convert to my dash.


      1.  Remove the Opal mounts for dash. ground off rivets holding mounting bracket.


       2. Remove bezel from gauges, To gain access to mechanisms which had captured the wayward half of the rivet. one was traped in speedometer gears and one was attracted to maganet of tach.

    Removed guts of gauges by removing 4 small screws. Rivet remains removed.


       3. Cleaned and painted cup of tack and speedometer. Painted inside white and the bezel black.

    Reinstalled guts into cup and replaced 4 screws.


       4. Replaced broken glass in speedometer. Glass was taken from another tachometer.


       5. Replaced chrome bezels with the painted black ones. Now looking good.


       6. Now waiting for new  dash to be completed and new rewire of dash. New dash will require new mounting brackets fabricated to hold gauges to dash. The mounts will be attached to gauge housings by self tapping screws to old rivet holes in gauge cup then to dash board


       7. Did not take many pictures of process. Will post pictures later of what I started with and how they turned out in dash when it is completed.



    Intrigued. What model Opel?



      Opel gauges used were from a 1968-1973 Opel model unknown. Speedometer was one year and tachometer was from another year.




    I’ll be keen to see how this turns out. How is the speedo driven?



       Mechanical. Regular cable driven.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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