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    Hey folks-

    I just acquired my car and have found that the windshield mounted rear view mirror is a pain in the neck and creates a significant blind spot when driving.  I would like to remove it and replace it with a dash mount.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to do that with out damaging the glass?

    VW based CMC 52 TDr “Miss Gertrude” AKA “Gerty”




    Being as those mirrors are known to fall off in hotter weather, I would try to gradually heat the area and get behind it with some fine wire, fishing line or something along those lines to slice through the adhesive. Carefully. Glass is fragile.

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    My kit came with a mirror mounted on the flat deck between the dash and the windshield. I also have the two fender mounted mirrors that are more of a pain to keep adjusted than they’re worth. You might try SoCal Speed shop to see if they have the mirror that I use on my dash. It’s very nice and I have no blind spots…





    I will have to give that a try. This car is a dream to drive (more so than the 39 Dodge sedan I sold to buy it) being able to see where I am going to only improve the experience! Lol.

    VW based CMC 52 TDr “Miss Gertrude” AKA “Gerty”




    Found one on MG Magic. Are you able to see out of the rear of the car pretty well with the soft top on?

    VW based CMC 52 TDr “Miss Gertrude” AKA “Gerty”




    My kit came with an original MG TD style dash mirror.

    This one (note the mounting base, the picture is shown with the mirror rotated 90 degrees.


    I could not see a thing, as the adjustment range was very limited.

    I replaced it with this, which is ball mounted and has a very wide adjustment range.


    The one I have looks like the one MG Magic is currently offering. If it is the same, I think your rear vision will be fine, top up or down.




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