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    2 years ago a friend of my late mother gifted a FiberFab 52 MGTD to my son and we ramping up to start this project.  When we went to get the kit it was still packed in the wooden crate/ plastic sheeting and all items were in the original boxes.  All the stickers are on the body parts with the name of either the person who molded the part or inspected it.   It has been sitting for 25 years in a pole barn and surprisingly all is in great shape.   Not even mice got to the seats or carpet or conv. top.  Brought home some 8-10 cartons of smaller boxed parts, gauges, hinges, lights, hardware kit, etc.   Did an inventory and are only missing the J-shaped bumper brackets and both headlight brackets.  The original owner started the chassis work on the 68 VW Bug undercarriage.  He also welded in brand new floor pans, lowered the front/back per the manual and begun the process of moving the shifter and pedals.  We started the wheel bearings and brake work last year in order to move the chassis around after it sat for 30 years, finding both rear wheels were locked up so we had to pull it onto the trailer to get it home.  We have all body pieces in heated garage  and are planning  to get the body done over the winter and then switch to the chassis in the spring.  I will have many questions and hope to find answers here if need be.  Plan to document this project with pictures as we complete each step.  Looking forward to this project and especially completing it with my son and although we are planning on selling it when done we will wait and see but are leaning toward selling so hold unto the thought if you are looking for one because this will be a nice one.  My name is Todd and my son’s name is Matthew.  So it begins…..




    Wow! To have an untouched original still in the box. I am really looking forward to following your build. Again, Wow!

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"




    Welcome.  This is the kind of project that we all love.  Between Ed, Jack, Paul, Schu, Bill and (even) myself, we can probably answer your questions or at least steer you in the right direction.  The more pictures you post, the more good responses you will get!

    My only advice at this point in your build is to NOT cut/trim any of the fiberglass pieces on the scribed lines until you dry fit everything.  Do not hurry at that stage.  Jack and I had a very difficult time correcting the bad cuts made by a prior owner on his last winter’s project.  (It was a completed chassis with no fiberglass installed.)  I’m not sure (since most of the factory scribe lines were cut off) if I would trust the factory lines.

    Don’t forget that “no matter how many times you cut it, you can’t make it longer”.  We used (had to) about a dozen or more c-clamps and at least 6 long furniture clamps and a lot of vise grips to make a nice fit.

    MG magic ( will have the bumper mounts you mention.

    Have fun.




    Welcome to the group. I look forward to seeing this project underway. Very few of these have been built in the past two decades. Parts are still available through MG Magic tho.

    Have you decided on an engine yet?

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