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    My friend bought a MIGI a year ago and he has no mechanical knowledge and has enlisted me to offer him help. Fortunately, I found you, this awesome group of owner/builders and I’m hoping you can help us sort some things out and get on the road! So you know, I’m a shade-tree mechanic, so some things that may seem obvious to some here won’t be obvious to me. The i.d. plate under the hood (Bonnet?) says Classic Motor Carriages, Miami, Fl. I.D. # M 1466  He says the only thing the previous owner told him was that the engine was from a 1980 Ford. The engine is a nice running little V-6 and it has an automatic transmission. The shifter looks like a Mustang II or Pinto, or some other Ford compact. So…the first problem is the master cylinder has failed (rear seal) and I’m looking to replace it. There is no serial # on the MC that I can find but the rear port (front disc feed) is larger than the front port (rear drums feed).  A 1980 Granada MC looks exactly like it, except has two ports of the same size. Thoughts on the MC? That’s for starters.  I’m also looking for help identifying the engine and drivetrain, of course, so we can do brake pads, rotors, etc. Thank you in advance for your help and I’ll take my answers off the air….




    I’d start with Pinto/mustang II parts, but you won’t have to go by my idle speculation. Billinparts is a Ford tdr expert who also just happens to know everything about how to find the right part for your car. Wait for it.




    OK. Most of these master cylinders mount the same. You can get away with using almost anything. I started with the original Pinto cylinder which eventually wore out. I bolted up a cylinder from the little Ford LTD (1983?) because the brake lines exit the cylinder on the right side. The original cylinder had the lines right up against the body side panel. The LTD cylinder’s ports (NAPA #P2458) are 1/2×20 and 9/16×18. Any good parts store should have an assortment of master cylinder adaptor fittings to allow you to hook up what you have with what you end up using.

    Here is my cylinder installation. Plenty of room for the brake lines on this side. Your room may be limited by the V6.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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