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    Thinking of taking my BCW52 to Marietta Ohio for the Sternwheel Festival this weekend.  Sternwheel show and live music/fireworks saturday and antique car show sunday. It would be an overnighter and there is no room in the car for luggage so..invested in a Runyon Rack (179.00, Engel Imports). . It’s a cleverly designed rack that fits over the spare tire and swings down when you need to tote a bag or 2.  Received it the other day and soon discovered some minute differences between my car and the real deal The instruction manual listed 2 potential differences which would prevent simple installation.  My car had both!  First, the bracket that the spare attaches to is welded about 2 inches further than necessary from the gas tank,preventing the rack from folding up out of the way.  On the real MG the spare is snug against the tank.  Additionally, the bumper extensions on the real MG are 3 inches wide,and the rack is supposed to fit perfectly between them.  My bumper extensions are 4 inches wide. The easy way out is to return the rack for a refund, but I like it too much and have contracted a metal shop to construct new brackets that will raise the entire rack about 5 inches.  This will allow the rack to 1) Fit close to the tire without rubbing against the hubcap, and 2), fit between the bumper extensions where they taper to less than 3 inches. I will take pictures of the installation and post them




    The 2 brackets in center came with the kit. I had the 2 end brackets made at Goodman Steel in Zanesville. They saved the dimensions in their computer in case anybody else needs them made.

    Since they were higher profile than the originals I polished them a bit with a wire brush on my drill press.

    Rack2Inserting one of the brackets inside the rear bumper spring

    Rack3Measuring for bolt sleeves at top of bracket. Both sides needed 2 inches

    Rack4Bolt sleeves installed.  No metal to metal contact (rack and hubcap).

    Rack5Rack6All finished! Just needs a little touch up paint and we’re ready for Marietta.





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    Nicely done!




    I like it.  Great job.




    I agree. That came out nice. Someday I’ll have to make time to do something like that.

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    Really wish one of those would work on my Duchess. But because of the way the engine cover is hinged (at the bottom, on top of the rear valance) I’ve not been able to engineer a solution.

    Occasionally I’ll grab an adult beverage and some Runyon rack pictures and sit there staring at it. So far, the result of those endeavors have been consistent … a second adult beverage.

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