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    Newbie here.  Just bought an unbuilt FiberFab Ford kit for less than what the grille shell is apparently worth.  So now a new learning curve begins.  (Have loved TDs since I was a whippersnapper, and several years ago I briefly owned a beautifully-built VW-based MiGi.  It was my daily driver except in snow.)


    It seems I was blessed in acquiring the Ford kit from the standpoint of suspension and rear end.  What I’m pondering, though, is the practicality of stuffing a straight six under that long TD hood.  Quick research tells me that a late model Chev 230 with Powerglide is only a couple hundred pounds heavier than a Ford four-banger.  Fiberglass butchering is not an issue–I used to do that for a living.  My question is about how the car might handle, presuming the 230 would fit under the hood.  (It’s 10 inches longer than the four-cylinder.  Haven’t compared height or width.)


    I did do a search but didn’t find anyone who has blazed this trail.  I’d appreciate your input.




    What is a “late model Chev 230 with Powerglide”?  Seems mutually exclusive since the Powerglide was last made in 1973 …

    I think you have a great idea about putting the six in the car, but if I were you, I think I’d aim for something like a 240Z engine and transmission (or 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, etc.) or maybe an old six-cylinder BMW engine/transmission.  Intuitively, those engines have GOT to be smaller and lighter than a “late model Chev 230 with Powerglide” and certainly a lot better transmission than a two-speed slushbox transmission.




    Hello newbie you can put a inline six in it, It will fit the only proplem is that the carb. sets up is to high for the hood to close.I would recommend using a updraft carb. I also have an unbuilt kit, mine is a chevy base frame also thought about putting in the inline 6 in it .Even bought the motor to put in it.






    Toyota twin cam 3.0 from the Supra and Cressida.

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"




    Thanks, guys.  I’ll check out those exotic engines.  The 230 Chev weighs about the same as a Datsun Z engine but the trans may be lighter than even the later, aluminum Powerglide.  And overall simplicity will be an important consideration.  I can rebuild a carburetor but not an ECU.

    Will need to build the suspension first, but it’s good to know I can plan for a six.  (I once stuffed a 280ZX engine into a Datsun 520 pickup but wasn’t able to complete the project.)




    There was a guy who put a Willy’s Jeep engine in a TD. Similar to a Chevy 6.

    I wouldn’t do it though, unless I had the engine and trans and just HAD to do it, you know?

    Clifford makes (or used to make) hop-up parts for the L6 but all those were downdraft type so they don’t solve the clearance problem. The exhaust manifold and the oil pan might also give you trouble: if these don’t work, there aren’t a lot of other options short of fabrication.

    I believe a build-up of a 60-degree V6 would be easier than trying to get fuel to the L6 under the TD hood. The right 6 for these cars is the 2.8-3.4 GM or the Ford Cologne 2.8. They are smaller, lighter, make just as much power and put the weight further back in the chassis, which is where you want it. You can make one easily with a progressive Weber 2 barrel or go crazy and put a Holley 390 on it. And it fits.

    Either way you go, please post lots of build pictures and description!

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