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    We don’t have replicas, we have TRIBUTE cars!!  Here’s part of the description as posted on Ebay….I just ran across the best Tag Line for describing our cars in an Ebay ad:


    “…This MG TD tribute for sale is one fun runner, loaded with a 2.3 liter inline 4-cylinder engine that was plucked out of a ’79 Mustang. With only a little over 6k miles on the complete build of this MG Duchess for sale, it’s one low mileage cruiser. In an effort to keep the look of originality, a 4-speed manual transmission pokes out of the floor, keeping this MG Duchess replica for sale a floor shifting beauty….”

    So I guess I have a “British Coach Works 1952 MGTD Tribute fun runner loaded with a 1641cc 4 cyl engine that was plucked out of a fine German car originally developed by Dr. Porsche”  as well as a “Classic Motor Carriage Tribute to a 1952 MG TD loaded with a 2.3 liter 4 cyl engine plucked out of a 1988 Mustang…”




    I really love the part implying that  “the 4 speed transmission was added in an effort to keep the look of originality”

    Who knew!!  Here’s the link for those who want to read more of this puffery


    Happy Jack






    Nice, pretty car. I noticed it was listed by Gateway Classic Cars. I’ve dealt with Gateway in the past, even purchased a vehicle from them in 2016. Nice, friendly group. I like how they post 100’s of pics of the cars, so you get a good idea of what you’re looking at. They DO tend to get “flowery” with their description of the cars, though. Positive spin.Their prices too, are a LITTLE high, but hey, they are a dealership.If you live near one of their showrooms, it is worth an afternoon to stop by, just to look at the cars. Like an indoor car show, only everything is for sale.

    Amor Conquista Todo




    Its a shame they included the photos of the bent and twisted front bumper. For the asking price it would be easy to replace it.

    They claim a telescoping steering column. I wonder where that came from?

    Bill Ascheman
    Fiberfab Ford
    Modified 5.0, 5sp., 4:11
    Autocross & Hillclimb
    "Drive Happy"




    .. They may have meant tilt steering wheel, not telescoping.

    Some of the pictures do show the tilt lever as well as the directional lever on the left side of the steering wheel.

    Bill, do you have a tilt wheel?  Do you have an after market steering wheel in your car? Is it a Grant? Flat or dished?  I’m trying to find out what my options are for replacing the factory steering wheel on my project kit?  I did find that NAPA ONLINE offers a steering wheel adaptor for the car a$30??????






    …My Bad — they mentioned both tilt wheel and telescoping steering in their ad.

    I’d also like to find out where the steering column came from.  My “portly” body could benefit from a rig that tilts and telescopes.




    Here’s another from the Gateway Classics near me: http://gatewayclassiccars.com/fort-lauderdale/1991/mg/td-S563.html

    Vicenç - (bee sense)
    Pembroke Pines, FL
    1983 FiberFab MiGi II - "Montse"

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