• al-greig posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Had a minor accident this afternoon, no injuries but damage to front of car. I was driving on a local street when the steering wheel became unresponsive, turning the wheel would no longer steer the car. On inspection determined the coupling disk between the steering gear box and steering column had failed. Known damage is to bumper, fiberglass bid in back of bumper, grill shell, right fender.
    Figure I will need to be assisting the local body shop with parts procurement. Know bumper and brackets are available from MG Magic. Fiberglass bib will probably need to be fabricated, don’t believe a replacement is available. Not sure on shell if repair of replace.
    Insurance is Hagarity. Only dealing with Hagarity thus far is to sent them money. Has anyone had experience with them in dealing with claims of this nature?
    Feel very lucky, could have been very serious if it had occurred a higher speed.
    Al Greig

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