Andy Krishak

  • I have a classic VW Resto shop, so I know what you mean about the tabs.  Only issue I ran into was the adjustement screw was a bit taller than the stock box and was not clearing the body work.  Cut about 3/8″ off and cut a new slot on the top.  Set the toe and drove the hell out of it.  Steering is still a little sensitive and tight, but I had reb…[Read more]

  • Turns out it was really easy.  Unbolted the coupler, and dropped the pitman arm.  Removed the clamp.  Gave it a slight twist and pulled it out the side.  About 15 minutes into this and am installing the new box right now.    Ponder this before cutting the body to make adjustments……Technically the steering box can be set up on a bench…

  • Getting ready to tear into a Fiberfab for a customer.  Steering box had been “adjusted” over the years by the owners kids and its a mess.  Going to just replace it.  What all needs to come off to get to it?  The way it looks is that there is not enough room for it to lift up to clear the body.  If there is a lot of hassle, it may be easier for…[Read more]

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