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  • johnsimion, I also removed the small torsion bars, just leaving the big ones.  Did you do that also?You may be right on the 4″ business.

  • baytowntd replied to the topic gelcoat in the forum VW Based Kits 4 years, 7 months ago

    I took a door off and stripped the hardware to use as a test panel.  Sigh, looks like a repaint.  Big problem is rust stains from the snaps that don’t want to sand out.  However, the boat yard idea is worth checking out.  Easy enough to take the door, and see what they say.Thanks all

  • When I bought mine (in very sad condition) I noticed right off the tires were way outside of center of the fenders.  One of the first things I did was buy a narrowed front end, 2″…  (As I had to rebuild the front end anyway, the expense was not all that much more) I do not have it on the road yet, but, I wish I could have found a 4″ narrower b…[Read more]

  • Heat worked.  Did a number on the anodizing, of course.  Paint time!

  • Problem solved, apparently.  I just tapped it out with a small punch.  With this new key switch, it apparently serves no purpose.

  • baytowntd replied to the topic The Black Hole in the forum My Project 5 years, 11 months ago

    It ain’t hard if you got the right tool…

    BaytownTD2014-02-04 17:53:22

  • Question for you guys that installed the disk kits: Did you do a stud conversion, or just used the standard lug bolts?

  • The Sol got a new grille for Xmas..

  • MGLondonRoadste wrote:
    Yes, the Soltice looks nice, but have you tried to take the convertible top on and put it back on when you’re pressed for time?  I looked at one at one for sale in Phoenix.  The salesman couldn’t figure out how to show me how the top came off.  You have to unsnap it all the way around and manually put it in the trunk.  I…

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  • baytowntd replied to the topic The Black Hole in the forum My Project 6 years ago

    Shiney bits and bad paint

    Here is a shot of my gelcoat.  It’s worse that shows in the pic. The “whiteish lines” are cracks.
    And here is a shot of the right hand wind wing after cleanup.  I used Diamondite cleaning system on the pexi, and it worked fairly well.  Took out all but one deep scratch. Polished the shiney bits on a small buffer, no…

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    Thank you.  That looks exactly like what I was looking for.

  • baytowntd replied to the topic The Black Hole in the forum My Project 6 years ago

    Thanks very much for the responses.  I will order the Autosol stuff and try it out.  Sanding all the way out to 2000/3000 is just a bit much work! If I can get it done using just a buffer-I’m a happy camper.

    Yes, I bought the pre-shortened leaves.  Since I live in an apartment now, there is only so much I can do without having “neighbor pr…

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  • baytowntd replied to the topic The Black Hole in the forum My Project 6 years ago

    Big box delivery today! The new, narrowed front end, shortened torsion bars and tie rods  from CIP. Now the question: I assume I need to remove the smaller leaves from the torsion bar pack, as it’s talked about in this forum?

    BaytownTD2014-01-02 18:27:43

  • baytowntd replied to the topic The Black Hole in the forum My Project 6 years ago

    Today, I tested a small area, sanding with 400 grit (to progress to 600 grit, then compound, then, if there is any color left, wax!)

    I really think thats what it’s going to take.  I actually think I’m dealing with gelcoat, not paint. It did leave the area -much- smoother, and I eliminated most of the “orange peel”.
    Gonna be a lot of work, but…

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  • baytowntd replied to the topic Spare tire musings…. in the forum VW Based Kits 6 years ago

    Well on mine,  the “spare tire cover” is a separate piece.  Appears to be pop-riveted on.  And the clearance is needed for the air cleaner/carb….  Might be able to rig something on the “luggage rack”.  But I’d still worry about the weight.  Maybe the best solution is like the Solstice-a can of fix-a-flat….

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    Hey Bill, your name sure sounds familiar.  Have we met at some event or another?  Do you frequent the Cars & Coffee thing out on the north side?

    Hubert Atkinson
  • There is an article in the current American Rifleman on the ammo situation.  Bottom line, more shooters and folks are stocking up.  The ammo manufacturers have started gearing up, but expect shortages for at least the next 6 months.  On the driving side, we are going thru our typical winter cycle of warm front/rain, cold front/clear.  Mostly rai…[Read more]

  • The V-8 conversion is really not all that difficult.  If, as you say, you have deep pockets.  You can also drop a lot of coin on a blower for the NA model.

  • Oh, its the little things you can’t see…  Like a Borla exhaust, a K&N CAI, and from DDM Works (my favorite drug dealer), Probeam, Chassis brace, Front cross brace, Hawk brake pads and a switch to DOT 5 fluid, and several shiny bits here and there,  under the hood….

    There there is Xmas presents, a new chrome wire grille..  Need I continue?..   
  • I am definitely going to try to start the thing -if it will turn over- before I pull it.  There is always the chance it’ll be fine! 🙂  I don’t think I want to hotrod the thing much.  If I do have to replace the cylinders, yah, go for the bigger displacement, but don’t think I’d want to do crankcase machining, cams, etc.  

    I don’t have the car…

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