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    Page 403 of the Empi catalog has a couple. Amazon has a couple of others. I bought the Empi model 16-9550 from Amazon! It’s okay and the cheapest readily available. I made some modifications to the rear most pocket area by using a black plastic box to convert it to an area to install a USB port, 12 volt receptacle and switches for my seat w…[Read more]

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    Yes, it is true about residual charge on the windings.  That is the purpose of the charging indicator light circuit, however. A good article from SpeedyJim’s web page.

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    Is your alt light a led? If so, it will not work. Must be an incandescent and is essential to make it charge. There is a way to use led’s, but it is very involved. I have noticed with my Bosch alternator, that when I first start the car, I need to bump the throttle to get the system “woke up”. Here is one link with a diagr…[Read more]

  • Tried out the multi-tool with the rigid scraper blade this evening and …… it works. I tried one of the rear wheel wells that has been particular troublesome – compound curves.  Finding the proper angle was exciting! Took a thin layer of gel coat off. I slowed the tool down to less than half speed and the cutting was actually seemed quicker.…[Read more]

  • You may remember from my original  post, that I mentioned I was old. And I must have had a gas pocket in my brain, because I have a multi tool. I bought it for a specific project.  I went to Dremel’s website and they have a video showing the multitool removing glued on carpet! I bought the recommended scraper blade and I will let you know when I t…[Read more]

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  • This seemed to be such a simple project when I conceived it!

    RE: My FF TD – the old carpet is badly faded and I decided to replace it. The floor pan went very quick and I was sure the rest would be the same. Not exactly! The boot area behind the seat is wearing me down – I’m too old for this project! The builder must have used an enormous a…[Read more]

  • Probably too late with this, but the suns still shining!  Just finished re-wiring and seriously upgrading my FF TD.  I have the duel master cylinder also, but I wired both switches in parallel so either would activate the lights. Consider this; if you wired just the rear switch and the rear brakes failed, you may not not notice the decreased p…[Read more]

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