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  • There is a photo in my album of my dash before I added the labels. I’ll try to put a fresh one in this weekend.

  • When I bought my FF TD 3 years ago, the only circuit that worked was the brake lights. The dashboard was some sort of fiberglass panel that about 15 previous owners managed to modify in some manner. It was just a mess and absolutely no relays which caused most of the switches to fail. I did find a manual for FiberFab and I had the original wire…[Read more]

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  • Name: Gregg Strain
    Screen name: Greggs
    Home City & State: Mogadore, OH
    Car Location City & State (If different): Port Clinton, OH
    Year and Manufacturer: 79 Fiberfab
    Engine: 1600 VW (assembled from new parts 2017)
    Trans: VW
    Body color: White
    Top color: Black
    Interior color: Black and White
    Built by: Previous owner – rebuilt by me!

  • greggs replied to the topic Fiberfab top in the forum Classifieds 5 months ago

    One thing to consider is the snap placement on your vehicle. A custom made top may or may not be a good fit, even if it’s the same kit manufacturer. It may depend on the type of frame you both have for example – two bows or three and where they’re mounted. Even the MG Magic kit requires you to install the snaps on the top, because of where the ind…[Read more]

  • greggs replied to the topic Fiberfab top in the forum Classifieds 5 months ago

    I agree with Crash55 about going to a marine cover maker. My car is in Port Clinton, Ohio (Lake Erie) and the number of businesses is very huge. I’m having a top done next week and they have good ideas on making it more convenient  than the original. The boat people are constantly making tops for an extreme  variety of marine craft and have a sel…[Read more]

  • greggs replied to the topic Steering wheel adapter in the forum Chevy/Ford Kits 5 months ago

    I had a similar problem with my VW adapter.  I took it to a machine shop and they shortened it by two inches. Cost was $20. I also changed to the VW van turn signal assembly because the stalk sticks out straight and is not angled like other models. I felt the switch was going be too close to the wheel and I would hit it while turning.

    its all good! Gregg

  • David, I sent you a private message. We’re off the subject here!

  • David, Thanks for responding. In your opinion, is the MG Magic bracket close enough to your design? I have thought about fabricating a steel ring to bolt onto the opening and fastening the bracket to that. But I can see what you did to reinforce would work. I’m risking the hijacking of my own post, but I was concerned about running hotter than I w…[Read more]

  • Kall, I am aware of the fiberglass “hat”, but I think that was available after CMC took over FF. Apparently my edition is older and has no mention of the hat. I suspect that the engine cover is the same as yours, but the hat was available to you and not for my particular kit year.  Thanks for responding and if you want to sell your lid, let me k…[Read more]

  • I have a Fiberfab TD powered by VW with a fake spare tire on the engine cover. I guess it’s fitting that a fake car should have a fake tire! I like to carry a real spare on the rear cover. The subject is not covered in my Fiberfab manual. I know that MG Magic has a bracket that can be used on the rear engine cover – anyone using it?

    My question i…[Read more]

  • greggs replied to the topic Lights in the forum General Discussion 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    David, I was lucky to find a marine panel that was divided into two 6 fuse sections plus an additional section for grounds. Biggest problem for me was the two speed wiper motor.  VW’s original wiper switch was unique Fiber Fab’s answer was to make it single speed and ignore the parking circuit. I figured something out to make it work corr…[Read more]

  • greggs replied to the topic Lights in the forum Site 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    I had so many issues with my original wiring I just had to gut it and start over!

    Some problems I’ve had with the headlights.

    1. Switch burnt out.  My original wiring did not use relays. So the headlights, which pull a significant amount of power was routed through the through the switch, causing it to fail in time.

    2.  The glass fuse hol…[Read more]

  • greggs replied to the topic Sun Visors in the forum General Discussion 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    Allen, I didn’t mean to mislead you.  The only time I wear the the yellow lenses is at night to cut down on headlight glare!

    Regarding the MG Magic sun visors, I have used them in the latter part of the day, driving toward the sun with my regular sun glasses.  Frankly, they are not very effective, but they help. To be honest, I have never dri…[Read more]

  • greggs replied to the topic Sun Visors in the forum General Discussion 7 months ago

    I have the MG Magic visors and they are dark green. I would not give them up as a sunshade! I’ve been thinking about putting a darker film on, just because  driving into the sun is too much for me! Having said that, my optometrist has told me I’ve got Cataracs starting and I often drive late at night. He recommended yellow sunglasses to cut down…[Read more]

  • Page 403 of the Empi catalog has a couple. Amazon has a couple of others. I bought the Empi model 16-9550 from Amazon! It’s okay and the cheapest readily available. I made some modifications to the rear most pocket area by using a black plastic box to convert it to an area to install a USB port, 12 volt receptacle and switches for my seat w…[Read more]

  • greggs replied to the topic Stuck in the forum General Discussion 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Yes, it is true about residual charge on the windings.  That is the purpose of the charging indicator light circuit, however. A good article from SpeedyJim’s web page.

  • greggs replied to the topic Stuck in the forum General Discussion 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Is your alt light a led? If so, it will not work. Must be an incandescent and is essential to make it charge. There is a way to use led’s, but it is very involved. I have noticed with my Bosch alternator, that when I first start the car, I need to bump the throttle to get the system “woke up”. Here is one link with a diagr…[Read more]

  • Tried out the multi-tool with the rigid scraper blade this evening and …… it works. I tried one of the rear wheel wells that has been particular troublesome – compound curves.  Finding the proper angle was exciting! Took a thin layer of gel coat off. I slowed the tool down to less than half speed and the cutting was actually seemed quicker.…[Read more]

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