• I just got home from picking up this Ford-Based TD kit.  Now the fun begins!! hopefully not quite as much “fun” as Ed is having…

    Luckily there are a few front engine Ford kit owners out there that I can turn to for their sage wisdom and sound advice!!

    Happy Jack

  • happyjack replied to the topic Spyder work in the forum General Discussion 1 week, 1 day ago


    Hey Ed,

    Lookin’ Good!!  So as I count it up, you have a fiberglass fabrication shop, a metal fabrication shop, a paint shop, a lift and a lot of patience…and a fine “Cardboard Cad System” all of which makes you the envy of every “Big Boy’s Car Kit Maker” out there — especially me!!

    Keep on Build’in

    Happy Jack


  • Beal,


    I’m interested.  Please PM me or email JACKBNMBL@EMBARQMAIL.com or give me a call at (252) 626-6391



  • happyjack replied to the topic Broke down today in the forum General Discussion 2 months ago

    Hey Ed,


    Great troubleshooting (look for the burned connector and/or singes wires).  I just went through a self-induced episode on the Bugeye getting ready for Va Beach.  The original car wiring had 2 fuses under the hood.  The prior owner went above and beyond when he rewired the car back in 1966 and removed the 2 fuses from under the hood an…[Read more]

  • happyjack replied to the topic I'm Gonna do a V8. in the forum Chevy/Ford Kits 2 months ago

    Hey Bill,

    The FLIKR album looks really good — a great way for us to keep up with your “playing around with little cars”

    …Can’t wait to see the Autocross when you run Ed and your son for the best time in the twisties!!

    That new blue engine sure makes my old 2332 air cooled look like a go-cart motor………..

    Can’t wait to see it in person…[Read more]

  • …just booked my room — It seems that we get a 15% discount when we say we are a returning guest!! Who would have guessed it!!

    …They did try to up-sell me into a room with a King sized bed but I told them “it had to be a joke” that either Bill or Royal put them up to…???   At 5′ 3 1/2″ tall I have never been called “King Sized.”  (Portly, m…[Read more]

  • Hey Bill,


    If Roy can fit in behind the steering wheel, you will have no problem!!


    You all can drive the Bug Eye around the countryside if you care to — and Bill has 1st Dibs!!

    Happy Jack

  • Hey All:

    Well, Roy’s verbal KITA about not waiting to register for Rock Star Parking got me off dead center and onto the Air and Auto Classic Web Site/  So I’m now registered for the show!!


    …Time for the rest of you to follow suit

    See you all there!!  —
    Happy Jack

  • Hey Folks — Looking forward to it!!

    Ed, I did not get to see your fiberglass and paint handiwork since I did not make Carlisle this year — I’d love to hear the tale first hand — and see the finished product!!

    I second the invite to folks who have not made it to Va Beach for the event in the past — it is a GREAT venue — plus we have found…[Read more]

  • Ed, that is an excellent clear and concise “how to” for a very convoluted process.  Can you (or Paul or Steve) with your magic website access put this “how to” somewhere where everyone can find it — like say on the opening screen with flashing lights and arrows all around it?


    That will help folks until a simpler method is found.


    I’m with…[Read more]

  • WOW!!

    Lookin’ GREAT.  Thanks for the step-by-step pictures on your BLOG — they do a great job in walking a viewer through the project.

    …and I agree, just cover the tire and let the rest of the beauty of the wire wheel and knock-off can shine through.  And I guess we really don’t need a luggage rack, unless you can design one and cobble t…[Read more]

  • Hey Ed,

    Looks great — but it needs to have one of those fine Stafast covers with the center cut-out on the spare — it would look really nifty with the knock-off sitting proud of the cover….or maybe your true-luv can make you a British Flag cover for the spare to go along with the Tonneau you have on the car!!


    And how about…[Read more]

  • 79 degrees in New Bern yesterday !!

    …Got the TDr out of its winter hibernation and took it for a spin around the neighborhood.  I sure love the power and performance  the car has with the center mounted Weber carb — once the initial loading up of cylinders 1&2 clears out.

    If I can find and fix that problem…

    Happy Jack

  • Hey Ed,

    I thought that if anyone would be impressed by the desk fan it would be you!!   How’s the fiberglass project going?

    By the way, the engine started right up and ran with only a few oil leaks (gasket issues easily fixed by tightening up bolts and such.)  Next step will be installing it in the car — after Christmas!!

    Happy Jack


    He folks,

    …Not exactly a Tdr project but it is keeping my amateur auto mechanic skills growing and my brain exercised (none of these 50+ year old engines go together without a healthy dash of Yankee (er, make that SOUTHERN) ingenuity.  For instance,  the temporary desk fan radiator cooling jig…

    Once this 1959 Austin Healey Bugeye Sprite p…[Read more]

  • happyjack replied to the topic Fender stretching in the forum Fender stretching 1 year ago

    Good on ya, Ed —

    Looking forward to seeing the end result at Carlisle in May.  Please continue to keep us posted via your blog — It’s a great way for us to follow your progress.

    Happy Jack

  • happyjack replied to the topic 2016 Florida Bug Jam in the forum Clubs and Show 1 year ago

    Hey Schu —

    That would be 670 miles from my house to the BugFest…….

    Great minds think alike — eh Vicenc?  Time to Tow — maybe even take a side trip to Disney World?

    Happy Jack

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