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    God I love technology, and a buddy with a 3D printer! If only I had one, of either. While I admittedly haven’t shopped around for a 3D printer or the materials required to produce parts, I imagine the buy in is in the realm of the sum being far beyond the contents of it’s parts. For now anyway.


  • Thanks toller and kall! I replaced one lamp first. Nope. I cut out all that ridiculous looking , mismatched, multicolor, wiring under the bonnet and rewired the headlights directly to the loom with the connections as they had been, minus the whips and with matching crimps, looks great! No headlights. I ran a wire from the negative post on the…[Read more]

  • Hey Gang! Just got my ‘83 ’52 TDr off a truck from FL this week. Being that I bought it on the internet, I’m just going through it to see what I actually got. First question, if you can help a brother out, turn signals. There’s an arm on the tree but, it doesn’t matter if I go up or down, all four blink like hazzards. Then, headlights don’t wor…[Read more]

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