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    http://www.tdreplica.com/forum2/forum_posts.asp?TID=3145&title=firebird-rear-seatI found it but not a lot of info there. I am going to PM him and see if I can get more info. The post does have photo, looks good.

    edsnova2016-04-23 12:26:34

  • I retired in 2008 as a crop duster. I flew 150hp Pawnee to 1200hp Thrush and most everything in between. About half my 21,000 hours in AgCat.

  • taildrager, Are you a pilot? Your screen name indicates you might be.

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    Toller wrote:
    Have never shipped anything from Canada to US but choices I have used from US are via mail or courier. Don’t know if any cross border duty charges would be applicable. As for cost make an offer or we could swap goods for stuff I need from MG Magic

    I didn’t pay enough attention to your location. When I saw your location ended with…[Read more]

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