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    I don’t think that going to air shocks is the correct way to fix this problem.  You would be able to level the car but would adversely affect handling.

    I would predict that there is one or more torsion leaves in the front suspension beams that have either come loose from their grub screws or they have broken.  The torsion leaves are available a…[Read more]

  • Welcome.  This is the kind of project that we all love.  Between Ed, Jack, Paul, Schu, Bill and (even) myself, we can probably answer your questions or at least steer you in the right direction.  The more pictures you post, the more good responses you will get!

    My only advice at this point in your build is to NOT cut/trim any of the fiberglass pi…[Read more]

  • I owned a “real” MGTF-1500 for 15 years and will say your replica is very nice.  Never did like the gauge layout in the real ones.  Excellent job.

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    I have not had a problem like you describe.  However, if you do have that problem, you definitely need to get it corrected before flat towing.

    I believe you are looking at a castor problem.  Various suppliers sell castor shims to correct this for the VW suspension.  They are inexpensive and may correct your problem.  Do not attempt to flat tow…[Read more]

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    Flat Towing:

    It’s really no more difficult than towing around your block, except you need to be aware of the fact that you can not back up.  This may cause some problems when getting fuel.  Truck stops work well.

    You will be tempted to go the same speed as traffic.  Do you want the top up or down?  Your choice.  Either way the top or the tonne…[Read more]

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    That sounds ridiculous but certainly lives up to the “show-me” reputation while throwing a bucket of cold water on innovation and entrepreneurship yet keeping a few more bureaucrats on the dole.

    I spent my youth scrounging around in junk yards and know that Johnny Cash’s “One Piece at a Time” surely wasn’t written about anyone from…[Read more]

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    Going back to my post of a week or so ago:  Is it not possible in Missouri to build a car and then license it?

    Are you saying that there is no such thing as home made licensed car?

    In NC, the inspector (when I licensed my TDr) said that “home made” is fairly simple to get plates for.  I didn’t go that way because I had all the necessary p…[Read more]

  • Ed, once again, gives good advice.

    North Carolina allows a different route:  Home-made.  Allowing for our pre-NASCAR bootlegger and stock car heritage.  Some inspections are required.

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    For the same money

    as an MGB, I prefer the Jensen Healey.  (Only the intelligentsia will know what it is.)  Plebeians will think it is some sort of early Corvette.

    ’72-76.  Early ones are prettier, so buy a 76 and put a 72-73 bumper on it.   Very capable Lotus DOHC high revving 16 valve 4 cyl engine.  Watch for rust.

    Comfy cruiser and very…[Read more]

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    As I recall (but my memory is fading) Schu has these visors and likes them.

  • Lots of damage.  But, we got lucky.  A mutual friend lost his new travel trailer, his house was flooded and he lost 3 cars.  Tough to deal with a loss of that magnitude.

    As I said, we were both very fortunate.  Neither of us will come close to reaching our deductible.

  • Thanks for the concern guys.  Julie and I pulled into our debris filled yard a couple of hours ago.  All’s well.  No holes in roof.  No broken windows.  Pretty lucky.  Feeling good, but tired.

    I spoke with Jack who is trapped in Wilmington, NC.  He’s doing fine and will come home to New Bern as soon as all of the many obstacles (road debris…[Read more]

  • Noel,

    A LOT overpriced. IMHO.

  • royal replied to the topic Here We Go Again in the forum Chevy/Ford Kits 6 months ago

    OH NO!  Not fair.  Race completed, Trophy, no damage and then this on leaving?  Super bummer!

    I’ll bet that before this, you were wondering what to do this winter.  “Keep a stiff upper lip” Bill.

  • royal replied to the topic Duryea Hillclimb 2018 in the forum Clubs and Show 6 months ago

    Four seconds sounds like a huge improvement to me.  Congrats!  Especially since you’ve just begun to test it.

    I guess the balance is ok else you wouldn’t have made such gains?

    How much do you realistically think your time improvement will be after you get the car tuned in and you learn how to drive your new machine?

  • Thanks Ed.   I was trying to figure out how to say exactly what you said.  Now, no need.  Ditto!

    My car is (unadvertised) for sale but I didn’t want to tell Noel because his expectations are not realistic (for a TDr).

  • royal replied to the topic "What year?" in the forum General Discussion 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Me too!

  • Since and while we’re having so much fun, Jack, they’re not tweezers.  They are tongs.

  • Black & White was on the MGTF.

  • Jack,  “Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!”

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