• Ed, do you mean that the secondaries come in too soon?

  • The wipers on my Classic Mini are anemic also.

    I thought of the improvements made by “these guys” but could not find my step drill bit so I ultimately decided to not drive in the rain.

    (“Bad Obsession” is an apt name for these guys.)


  • Oh, sorry.  After I put my brain back on, I realize that the picture is of your grate which I think is quite nice.

  • So, I guess yours is lost or not handsome enough.

    I wonder if the grate from a gas grill could be adapted and look good??  Chrome or porcelain black?

  • There have been a few recent posts asking about tops, mirror placement etc which cause me to say:

    If you have never been to a car “show” with your TDr, please go. Only seven years ago, I attended my first and was struck with the differences between not only those TDr’s of different manufacturers, but also the differences between those from the…[Read more]

  • royal replied to the topic Tdr finds a new home in the forum General Discussion 7 months ago

    I first “qualified” in submarines in 1963 aboard WWII’s USS Croaker SS246.  (Silver Dolphins.)   Was lucky to be accepted into a college program and in ’67, after graduating University on North Carolina (by this time as an E6), attended submarine school as an officer.  (Gold Dolphins.)  Spent my 24 years up and down the east coast on Nuclear Subm…[Read more]

  • royal replied to the topic Spyder work in the forum General Discussion 7 months ago


    “but DAMN” for sure.  I’ll see your “but DAMN” and raise you one.  I told Jack that he didn’t need no stinking wiring loom.  Wire it up yourself.  Then I tried to figure out why it was taking Jack so long to wire the TD.  I had explained to him that the originals had only two (as I remember) fuses.  Two; for the whole darn car.  Two! …[Read more]

  • WRT a MGMagic convertible top, do not assume that all TDr buckets are the same.  My Daytona bucket is fully 2″ wider than Jack’s BCW or his CMC.

  • Bill, this is especially for you but others may enjoy:

    As some of you may know, in the 1950″s I used to caddy for our town photographer.  “Caddy” because he normally took two 4×5 Speed graphic cameras, a 500# tripod, lots of film plates, flashbulbs and a car battery.  When, many years later, he lost his eyesight I bought all his old 4×5 n…[Read more]

  • Bill, I’ve watched the 1:25-1:33 portion of this video at least 15 times.

    It seems like you were out of the turn and on the gas.

    What do you attribute the spin out to?  Could it have been a couple of pebbles on the surface?

    Remember what Wobby told us about 6 years ago?  “Nothing good ever came out of a car race.”  Glad to hear minimal (if any) damage.

  • There is an unusual sound at 1:30 into the run immediately before you spun out.  Is that the track bar letting go??

  • So, your test drive was a hill climb event?

  • Bill, I have been watching your V8 swap with interest and would like to hear some of your driving impressions.  On the road in daily driving as well as how she handled on the hill climb.  I have driven a few sports cars with swaps and generally was disappointed (TR6, MGTD, and Sunbeam Tiger – a factory “swap”).  I have owned each of these with fa…[Read more]

  • Hey Ric, if you really want a low oil press light, you can install a T in the line and have both a pressure gauge and a light.  The “sending unit” for the light is simply a pressure switch that is closed on low oil pressure.  The light is wired hot and the switch provides the ground when sufficient oil pressure is not available.  ……at least th…[Read more]

  • About the only thing you can damage if you guess the polarity wrong is the radio (if it has one).  You might want to disconnect it before you hook up the battery.  The engine, lights etc won’t be hurt by experimenting.  But, you can probably determine whether positive or negative ground by some simple detective work.

    Paul’s right, my money is on…[Read more]

  • royal replied to the topic Carlisle 2018 in the forum Clubs and Show 9 months ago

    Ditto Happy Jacks comments

  • royal replied to the topic Carlisle 2018 in the forum Clubs and Show 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Yeah, I’m afraid that it’s “really” to much for me this year.  Got back yesterday from visit 315 miles away to visit the first grandbaby.  Now, I’m supposed to go to Florida to help take delivery on my Son’s new boat and pilot across  the state on the Caloosahatchee through the Okeechobee.  I’m probably going to cancel that also (and that is a rea…[Read more]

  • royal replied to the topic New Member in the forum My Project 10 months ago

    If you do use the TRxx splined hub adapters for mounting the wire wheels, you will be able to use any of the standard full size (MG, TR 2/3/4 and Stag, and I think Morgan) 14 and 15″ wheels.  MGB wheels are 14″ as are Stag wheels.  Most if not all the others are 15″.  XKE Jag wheels use a different larger spline and are not bolt on.  How to mak…[Read more]

  • royal replied to the topic New Member in the forum My Project 10 months ago

    BTW Ed goes to extremes trying in modifying for authenticity, but his TDr is running a Subaru engine.  Damn the “almost authenticity” – don’t need no stinkin XPEG.

  • royal replied to the topic New Member in the forum My Project 10 months ago

    Last first:  Wind wings are really not special and can be bought at Moss, Victoria British etc etc.  The “backwards” front windscreen with the groove facing forward is what most all TDrs have except BCW and Allison.     The front edge of the top has a horizontal bar of steel that fits into the groove and then the fabric of the top pulls back on i…[Read more]

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