• Paul is right on.  Unfortunately, new seats is the way to go.

  • Well, it appears that you have eliminated all the usual suspects.  So let me go to the less than obvious.  I once had a Ranger pickup that did the same thing and it was due to a clogged exhaust.  In my case, a clogged catalytic converter which i doubt you have….just a thought.

    Also, the same symptoms of a bad choke?

  • Yes but, go look under the Christmas tree.  You should have one there.

    (Some bicycle pumps would also work.)

  • Since you have to remove the shocks anyway to get the coil-overs off, why not try the air shocks.  Probably cost less than $150 for both.

  • Vicenc, have you really gained that much weight?

    The most elegant and correct way to fix this requires removal of the tub and adjusting the rear torsion bars…..a big job.

    Alternatively, you could install air shock absorbers in the rear.  By not connecting the two shocks together, you would have independent control of them and could put more…[Read more]

  • royal replied to the topic Troubleshooting Help in the forum VW Based Kits 5 months ago

    Ed’s right it does sound like a symptom of carb icing.  But carb icing in south Florida?  I have never experienced icing, so check the temperature of your inlet manifold just below the carburetor.

  • royal replied to the topic Troubleshooting Help in the forum VW Based Kits 5 months ago

    I’ll assume that you checked the choke.  ??  If not, shame on you.

    Capacitors are easy to replace and cheap.  Change it first.

    Could be the fuel pump, but unlikely.

    The next time that it acts up, take a plug wire off and stick a phillips screwdriver into the end that normally goes on the spark plug.  Holding the screwdriver close to any…[Read more]

  • Suggestions?   Jack, I suggest you tell Bill: “that’s why I moved to NC, – so I wouldn’t need no stinkin’ seat warmer”.   🙂

    (Bill, I know Jack well enough to know one thing, – he can not get enough heat.  Seat warmer’s a comin’.  Fer sure.)

  • I really need to tell you guys how the best (by far) way to cut fiberglass, especially gel coated fiberglass, is!  I’ve had many boats, and this comes up often if you are a tinkerer and work on or around your boats.  It’s a bit scary because as my grandfather told me “no matter how many times you cut the board, you can’t make it longer”.

    If you t…[Read more]

  • For the last two days, Jack and I have been having exactly the same interference problems with the radiator as well as the steering shaft clearance.  We think (hope) that we have figured out an elegant fix.  Just a bit more cutting and tweaking and drilling and then bolt it (fender, side panel, radiator and and front grill) all together…..and h…[Read more]

  • royal and Profile picture of davearoydavearoy are now friends 5 months, 3 weeks ago

  • Jack and I are gaining a lot of respect for anyone (Paul et al) who put together one of these TDr kits.  Right now we have 472 c-clamps, vise grips, tape and all sorts of temporary hold-it devices trying to get things to line up.  I really thought that the panels would be cut much closer to the correct size and shape than they are.  ….it ai…[Read more]

  • Doesn’t look like Bill could move the master cylinder enough to make much difference.  But, it looks pretty good to me where it is.

    Really good looking job on the steering shaft.

  • My bad!  I too, thought we were talking VW power.  Sorry.

    There still may be a valid insurance question worth asking.

  • I assume that you intend to do some traveling (vs around the block).  IMHO hooking this trailer up would be very risky and unwise.  It’s not only the tongue weight that you should be concerned with.  I wouldn’t want to be in your TDr when an 18 wheeler passes or if there are any gusty crosswinds.  I wouldn’t even consider unless I had disc bra…[Read more]

  • Allen, there is no design check valve in a braking system on any car that I am aware of.  The entire system needs to be at atmospheric pressure (when not actually braking) as this allows the brakes to relieve when you take your foot off the pedal.

    If your pedal is incorrectly setup such that the rod between the pedal and the master cylinder is…[Read more]

  • Allen, you might want to check and make sure that the reservoir is vented and the hole in the fill cap is clear.

  • royal replied to the topic Spyder work in the forum General Discussion 6 months ago

    Considerables not considered:  Workablity of materials.  Originality.  Cost.  Relative strength.  Your penchant for adding lightness.

    Stainless Steel wins!  (I’m an ardent fan, but I’m a Nuclear Engineer, so that should be expected.)

  • royal replied to the topic Spyder work in the forum General Discussion 6 months, 1 week ago

    I was using flux wire until about a year ago.  Went to a flea market and bought a gas bottle and regulator.  I’ll never look back.  (I’m using CO2)

  • It, of course, depends on the design.  But, it should cover everything that would be “inside” the car including the dash and it’s instruments.  From the top of the humps all the way back to the top of the tub, over the collapsed top and attach just forward of the “fuel tank”.  Usually they had a zipper running longitudinally from the rear view mi…[Read more]

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