• I will add that Ed (edsnova) was driving it like he meant it, dodging in and out of traffic like the other cars were traffic cones on an autocross track……..Looking real good Ed.

  • royal replied to the topic generator help in the forum General Discussion 1 month, 4 weeks ago

    Greg, sounds like your brushes are not making good contact.  The brushes are typically blocks of carbon which are held in to make contact the commutator by springs.  You probably either need new brushes or perhaps new springs.  I would be surprised if someone on YouTube has not posted a repair.  All generators are pretty much the same (except in…[Read more]

  • The date looks set for October 14, although registration is not yet open.  Hope that we can get some new “blood” to attend this year.

    The usual (more than 1 show) suspects:  Paul, Bill, Ed, Schu, Vicenc, Jack & Roy.

    It’s just a one day “show” starting usually about 0900 and going until about 4PM.  We all usually arrive the afternoon of Fr…[Read more]

  • Just got home from a 4309 mile 25 day trip (family problems, not a vacation) where I saw a 400# bear standing alongside Rt 81 near Scranton, far too many deer to count, and an equally uncountable number of turkeys.  Today at 0900 on the way back south to our home in New Bern, I saw one last lone turkey as I approached the loop around Baltimore:…[Read more]

  • Sorry, Mickey-Richard, but I put real British knock off wire wheels from a Triumph Stag on my TDr about 4 years ago.  I also put slightly larger P185x75R14 tires on.  The result is almost identical outer tire diameter as the popular TD 165R15 tires so as to not change the car’s profile …….and the speedometer is still accurate.  You’ve got to…[Read more]

  • I do not disagree with anything said previously except:  Why change???   I think that generators generally get a bad rap and are blamed for bad wiring, bad grounds, bad voltage regulator and bad battery.  The factory installed generator is adequate for all normal electrical needs.  (Normal does not include four extra high intensity headlights capa…[Read more]

  • royal replied to the topic Fender stretching in the forum Fender stretching 5 months ago

    Ed, Get a grip!

    “All the kids are wrapping their cars “.

    You gotta dance with the girl what brung ya.  With all the work that you have done to try and make your car as TDish as you could……?????   (and don’t tell me that TD’s didn’t have clear coat on them 🙂 )

  • Ed, No problem driving my Mini (known as Bitz).  Don’t really know why you didn’t get a chance last year.

  • You have just about perfected your British and are the only one I know who writes with an accent.  ….are you going to be working on your German now???

  • Great to hear Ed.  Karen is an enabler (and most certainly a keeper).  Are you planning another Subaru eng?

    I’ve been working on my Mini and it’s almost a Cooper now.  High flow head with oversized valves ported and polished.   Exhaust header with free flowing exhaust system.  Intake manifold.  Pertronix.  New tires.  Recaro seats (1,000% im…[Read more]

  • But if you really want to be super cool, you can buy a pull to start switch just like on the original TD’s.  Many sources.

  • royal replied to the topic Tire sizes in the forum VW Based Kits 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Probably should set the rears at 22# +/-.

  • Ed, I do not consider myself a good bodywork/paint guy.   But, the best way to make up for lack of light and patience is to have NO paint.  I need consistent uniform bright light with NO shadows.  None – they’ll screw you up.   You (I) can never ever make a paint job better by hurrying.

  • Ed, Don’t know if you are having any trouble but, a year ago when painting a fender, I had trouble getting a consistent spray out of the Duplicolor can.  So, I decanted the spray cans into a small plastic (not foam) container using a drinking straw, let it sit for about 15 minutes and used the paint in my detail gun.  Worked a treat.  Now, somewh…[Read more]

  • Ed, you’re thinking too much.   (I think 😐 )

  • royal replied to the topic Project Zella in the forum My Project 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Well, there is another thing that changes and might influence the idle when driving vs garage.  When driving, you only idle when coming to a stop.  In the garage – not so much since you are always at a stop.  There is another thing which comes into play.  Carburetor float level.  In the garage, an improper float level can be somewhat comp…[Read more]

  • royal replied to the topic Project Zella in the forum My Project 6 months ago

    It has been my rather extensive experience with engines that most problems are due to fuel.  That is Ethanol fuel.  E10 is bad.  E15 is worse.

    The problem is that Ethanol really likes water and it is not very friendly to rubber gaskets and hoses.  Every time the tank breathes there is a certain amount of moisture that is absorbed by the Etha…[Read more]

  • royal replied to the topic Project Zella in the forum My Project 6 months ago

    If at all possible, I highly recommend burning “real” old fashioned gasoline.  NOT ethanol!  Ethanol shelf life is a maximum of 90 days:

  • Got room in here for another opinion??   I too have a Daytona Migi and just wanted to add: don’t let anybody convince you that you need to add weight up front to stabilize at speed.  It ain’t so.  I agree that you have an alignment problem as Ed said or perhaps tire pressure.  Drop the tires down to 14-15PSI  and then you’ll know where the problem is.

  • I’m with Dave and Paul.  Old tires work great right up until the second that they don’t… don’t always get a warning.

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