• The biggest thing even close to this I ever tried was building wooden ship and airplane models. They still took a year or more of cutting, fitting, trimming and…[Read more]

  • That is a very nice looking little unit!

    I don’t know why your rig would not be any problem. These types of trailers are made to be pulled by small vehicles. You don’t mention what type of hitch you have; if it’s a frame type or not. As long as you know the TONGUE weight of the trailer; so you know how it will effect steering and handling, the…[Read more]

  • I am curious about this, also. My London Roadster came with a trailer hitch when I bought it. I immediately thought of a small trailer like the tear drop ones you’re referring to. I’d like to hear anyone’s experiences,too.

  • I LOVE it! I think I’m going to steal your idea! 💡 I promise to give you the credit if anyone asks. Thanks!

  • I’m sure they are not ALL exactly same, but, my tonneau cover works is the convertible top,(bows and all) must be taken off and the tonneau goes from the boot to dash. It covers the cockpit area only. It is a taut fit, but not straining the stitching. Yours may be so old the material has lost it’s stretch. The vinyl, being an oil based material,…[Read more]

  • Congrats on your new toy. Looks like a fun winter project.  Any idea about what color you’re going to paint it? Keep sending us pics as you progress.

  • WOW! That must be some kind of sales speed record! Congrats to both parties. Hopefully  the buyer is already a member and will post progress pics of the build.

    The speed of the sale sort of reminds me of when I purchased my London Roadster. It was posted on eBay for only 9 hours before I saw it and had to have it . I guess if it’s what your…[Read more]

  • I really enjoy perusing this site. You can search for any movie or TV show and find what the cars shown were. Good for old movies.I like finding the car type, then finding the current market value. Look up the original”Italian Job”, for a real SHOCK! Over $2,000,000 in cars are destroyed! 😯

  • Clean out your tool boxes guys, here are the ONLY tools you will EVER need.

    Duct Tape and WD-40

    If it MOVES and it’s NOT supposed to, use Duct Tape.

    If it DOESN’T move and it’s SUPPOSED to, use WD-40.

    Simple as that….

  • Very nice woodworking. I think,”As much wood as possible.” I made a wood shift lever knob similar to yours, but just haven’t gotten around to putting it on. I guess I think it turned out so well, I’m afraid it’ll break!



  • Two BIG thumbs up for your outside the box thinking! 💡  💡  Your repairs are very nice and I doubt anyone could see the patch.I know I can’t.

    It seems like 99% of the fixes for our cars is sort of “seat of the pants” type. Kind of ,”This just might WORK!” then it DOES! That’s why I keep a big pile of scrap metal around.

    Another one f…[Read more]

  • scubasteve replied to the topic Walgreens Photo in the forum Site 4 months, 2 weeks ago

    What exactly DOES this have ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING?! 😕

    I think it’s just more mass junk.

    This is like going to the Grand Canyon for the view and seeing a billboard for a Las Vegas strip club! 😡

  • Welcome to our group! I’m sure you’ll find this a great place to visit and hopefully find answers to questions you may have.

    We like seeing pics of other’s cars, so send pics as soon as you can!

    Have fun working and driving!

    Again, WELCOME!


  • CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like the end of a long journey. Just in time for summer! Have fun!

  • I am a HUGE fan of Japanese movies. I agree Mifune IS Japan’s John Wayne. Akira Kurosawa is like their John Huston.

    Looks like the pics are WAY before Japan’s strangle hold on the auto industry…

  • scubasteve replied to the topic Speedo Problems in the forum VW Based Kits 7 months ago

    I got the bezel off by using a pair of SMALL needle nose pliers from the back side(so it wouldn’t show) and flatten the lip on the bezel. Then I sort of “screwed” the glass lens out.You’ll need to remove the knob from the trip meter and the glass should come right off.

    As to the sending unit you refer to, it’s for the digital trip meter. The…[Read more]

  • Very nice! 😎  Sounds like you have a good plan. Remember to send us pics of the finished project!

  • scubasteve replied to the topic BRAKES LOCK UP in the forum VW Based Kits 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    There are many informative and helpful videos on YouTube. I just search the subject I want to learn about. For your situation, I entered “air cooled vw brake” and it came up with over 5 different people showing how to do everything from inspecting to actually replacing the brakes. You can also google(or in my case Bing) “air cooled vw brake” and,…[Read more]

  • scubasteve replied to the topic Tire sizes in the forum VW Based Kits 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    I had a girl come up to me and ask if she could have my car. I asked her if she could drive a manual transmission. She said no. So I told her, “Then I can’t give you my car. Because it has a manual transmission!”

  • scubasteve replied to the topic Tire sizes in the forum VW Based Kits 7 months, 3 weeks ago

    Glad you got it all sorted. 😀                                                                                                                                                                                       I know how confusing tire sizing and pressures can be 😕 .  When I purchased wire wheels for my London Roadster, I went with t…[Read more]

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