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  • I didn’t like the way my VW Column looked all together, so I took it out and put all the electrical on the dash. I replaced the column with a steering rod and had a welder custom weld a release bolt just above the Crash Basket. Now it’s just a chrome rod that is mounted through a steering mount I bought from Socal Speed Shop! It works like a charm…[Read more]

  • Might I make another suggestion…

    Buying a title, online, or a junked Kit with a good title for cheap. then just move the info to the kit you’re hoping to buy…I’m too stupid to know any better but I plead the 5th and spread eagle and all that legal stuff…All I know is that sometimes, you’ve got to play as dirty as the bureaucrats to get…[Read more]

  • Good luck with the hunt! I had to part out a 29 Gazelle since I couldn’t get the darn thing smog approved and registered (Titled as a 99 special construction vehicle)! The guy at the smog shop told me “Hey, she’s a VW…If it’s not Smokin…It’s broken!” He thought it was funny, while I just returned home with my tail between my legs!

    Yesterday,…[Read more]

  • secretagentcat replied to the topic Lights in the forum General Discussion 9 months, 1 week ago

    I did the same, with my toy. Marine Grade all the way! West Marine is where I purchased my fuse panel (12 fuse capacity), relays, switches and even the wire! I’ve yet to have a single problem, since I rewired her…I also went crazy with grounding posts. All of my electrical items are on it’s own fuse, relay, and ground connection. I just check…[Read more]

  • I’m afraid I feel Violated just looking at it!!!

    She’s one Heck of a Ride!!! Congratulations!!!

  • Living on the coast, we get a lot of fog and I drive at night, all the time…And when it’s sunny, it’s real sunny!!!

    When it’s hard to see…I just tie a white stick with a red tip to the front bumper and get around much better! LOL!

    In my case, the top is almost always down, except when it rains so the sun visors would be little help for…[Read more]

  • Hey Everybody!

    I was wondering the same thing…My wife recently bought a new car and she doesn’t even need a key in the ignition! All she has to have is the key fob and push a button when she’s in the car! Then to stop the car, she just pushes a button. It’s pretty cool! If you don’t have the key fob, the car won’t start…I was wondering if it…[Read more]

  • I didn’t know that tanks were coated, like that. I’ve been looking at the tanks from SoCal Speed Shop. I’ll remember to ask, when I’m ready to upgrade mine…

  • So glad that no body was hurt. I’m so sorry to see all the damage but if it had to happen, I’m happy that it was with someone who knows how to get her back on the road…I don’t know what I would’ve done…

  • Way to go on making your dream come true! That’s the way to do it!!! Send us a picture, when she’s parked on the driveway!

  • Hey All…

    Might I make another suggestion…Bob’s Auto Classics is an online dealership located in Florida and he get’s some real beauties in his shop. You can view everything online and he can even deliver your new Baby right to your doorstep. He’s also a great resource for advice as he’s been doing this for years. I just like to visit his site…[Read more]

  • See…All you Smarty Pants need to thank me for holding down the other end of the Bell Curve so you could enjoy all that Academic Success! I’m a Giver…Lol!

    It amazes me with the amount of Smarts that exist on this Site! Without them, I’d just be sticking my finger in the tank to see if there’s still Gas! I so appreciate all the advice we get…[Read more]

  • Welcome to the family and good luck with your search! That’s half the fun!!!

    I thought in our world, the windshield was the air bag! LOL!

    Another thing to be aware of is the registration requirements for your location. If you can find a car that’s registered Pre 75′, if you’re here in California, then you’re smog exempt…If not, you’re pretty…[Read more]

  • CLASSIC!!! I haven’t heard that since I was a kid, way back when!!! Thanks for the memory and a great post for the subject!!!

  • My responses range from 52 MGTD to 69 Duchess to Replica…

    But my two favorite responses are:

    A Baby Rolls Royce…

    A 69 VW with Plastic Surgery!

  • Wow! Good luck with the sale of the car…She’s gonna need some real work to bring her back but nothing that can’t be fixed…

    It’s lessons like that that I learned to choose one or the other but never both…Drink or Work on My Car! LOL!

    Yup…Your Village Idiot is BACK!!!

    And Still proud to be of service!

  • Greetings Everyone…

    I’m slowly working my way back into conversations…I’ve been a frequent reader of the many topics but I’ve just been at a distance…Back to the subject…

    Pacific Coast Highway!!! It’s where The Penny Marie finds her inner Spirit and occasional Spitfire!!! You can actually feel the stress melt right off of you while…[Read more]

  • Just my tow cents…

    I never liked the look of the VW steering Column. I hated having the key on the column as opposed to the dash…I removed the VW column and replaced it with a steering shaft from SoCal Speed shop. I had my friend weld a release tip so I can easily remove the steering wheel when I want to. I also had him weld in the safety…[Read more]

  • My kit came with a mirror mounted on the flat deck between the dash and the windshield. I also have the two fender mounted mirrors that are more of a pain to keep adjusted than they’re worth. You might try SoCal Speed shop to see if they have the mirror that I use on my dash. It’s very nice and I have no blind spots…

  • Welcome Bob

    I was reading your post and I had the idea that I’ve seen advertisements for a company called Car Fox that tells people about a used car before they buy it, you know, accidents and title history and such. I think they use the vin # or the licence # to do the research. Perhaps this will help you find what you’re looking for. I’ve never…[Read more]

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