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  • The VIN 113 202 0 212 according to the following may have been built in 1972
    If the current ownership has a 17 digit VIN you may be able to look it up on vehicle or CARFAX, both which contain info on US registered vehicles
    Also Fibrefab vehicles have a date stamp on the…[Read more]

  • If the vehicle is based of a VW chassis can you use the VIN from the VW? The VW VIN is located on the tunnel fore of the inspection plate covering the shift coupler, behind or under seats depending on whether you have bucket or bench style of seat

  • Good catch Paul, if one Googles “battery reconditioning” you will be presented with 100’s if not 1000’s of links and YouTube videos on how to recover your malfunctioning battery. If anyone plans on visiting any of the sites found make sure you have a good virus detection program that will scan the site before you access it and flag it if there is…[Read more]

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    Court Wizard
    As Edsnova is our resident fabricator in both fibreglass and aluminum may be worth consulting with him as to options if you really want to duplicate the elegant majestic sweep of a our tribute automobiles

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    Symptoms you are describing sound similar to ones I encountered. When cold the engine started without incident but as it warmed up it started backfiring and lugging when shifting to higher gears. I thought it was a timing problem, valve, fuel delivery, carb issue. After replacing the mechanical fuel pump with an electric one, swapping out carb,…[Read more]

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    I had a similar problem first time I removed the splash pan where the frame strips “L” shaped metal that provided mounts for splash pan and bumper brackets were splayed out so that holes could not be aligned. I used a 4’ bar clamp to pull the frame strips in the 1-2” to align the holes for mounting the splash pan. Once splash pan was mounted…[Read more]

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    The two strips you are referring to attach the splash pan to the frame. The splash pan sets the width for the two “L” shaped brackets to attach the bumper brackets that hold the bumper. If you are missing the bumper brackets you can source them from MgMagic
    I have the same model of TDR and I had to weld three more strips to the top of the exi…[Read more]

  • Tear drop trailers like these

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    Depending on how long the tarps were covering the car and whether it was parked outside exposed to the elements could it have been condensation? I have my tractor covered with tarps and I have condensation in the tach and temp gauge a couple of times a year, especially during periods of high humidity during the day and cool nights

    Alternatively…[Read more]

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    As an alternative to using the rotary punch, as both tops and tonneau covers are now using a polyester type material I use a pencil style tip soldering iron to melt a hole in the material. By melting the hole I am able to minimize the potential of the material fraying and in fact have reinforced the hole with the melted material. As Paul points…[Read more]

  • When I did the restoration of Sabine last year I bench wired the new dash gauges and switches. When it came to wiring to the original wiring harness it was a challenge what with multiple loads connecting to one circuit. This is what my fuse block and relays looks like on the firewall on the passenger side    The block on the left contains s…[Read more]

  • Yes, but was it one of ours or a British facsimile?

  • There are Hydro crews from both Hydro One (provincial entity) and Toronto Hydro been dispatched to Florida to assist in the restoration of the power infrastructure. So if you see a convoy of Hydro trucks with Ontario plates we sent them Expect Bell Canada will send crews if call is made to restore telephone network

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    Came across this article in Hagerty RSS feed that sheds some light on why wires are numbered the way they are, whether you are using a VW or other donor chassis…[Read more]

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    Had phone call from a future TDR member who is looking for advice on installation of two roll bars for his car. He has a FF MiGi on a 72 VW chassis. Only roll bar I recall seeing is the roll cage that Bill has for his hill climbs which is not on a VW chassis. Anyone got any experience with bars like those found on AC Cobra for a VW chassis

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    Too bad you live too far south, I picked up a Grizzly G4011 last week in an online auction for $200. It will shear, brake, roll, press and notch albeit it is limited to a max of 22 gauge. I did make some seat stands to replace the fibreglass pedestals with 20 gauge last week but had to use a cheater bar to give me the leverage to make the 90…[Read more]

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    Have a look at MgMagic they may have a top that meets your requirements. As for installation if you don’t want to tackle the installation of the Snaps you may be able to engage a marina. The top is essentially a Bimini like you would find on a small boat

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    Welcome David you will find a wealth of info on this site and members willing to offer advice, just ask. If you want to find out the year of the VW donor car you will find a serial number on the hump near the shift coupling cover plate between the seats under the back of the seat Compare the number to this chart that will give you the year and…[Read more]

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