• Came across this site while looking for ideas for a tonneau cover. Quite an extensive inventory but given shipping and exchange rate may be cost prohibitive for those of us who like the idea of authentic TD parts (wind screen etc) but have to balance want and need with bank account.…[Read more]

  • My FF MiGi had holes in the engine cover like yours but had a simulated spare tire with cover as opposed to a functional tire holder like yours. I made a spare tire holder __/—-__ with this profile. I found the engine, at least the top end ran cooler. The later VW Bugs had vents in their engine covers to draw air in and some guys would not latch…[Read more]

  • toller replied to the topic Exhaust/Muffler in the forum VW Based Kits 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Decided to try the product recommended by Ed, found another product that seems to offer the same features as heat shield. Should have it early next week so will let all know how it works out

  • toller replied to the topic Exhaust/Muffler in the forum VW Based Kits 5 months, 3 weeks ago

    Did you apply the tape to the splash pan or to the muffler?

    Unfortunately we don’t have Pik & Pay wrecking yards here. Years ago one could wander through the yards, remove what you needed and then pay at the gate. Last time I went to a salvage yard to find some wheels for winter tires was told that due to liability and insurance costs…[Read more]

  • toller replied to the topic Exhaust/Muffler in the forum VW Based Kits 5 months, 4 weeks ago

    I installed the Empi 3487 muffler as recommended and it did fit well. Only complaint was that connection to preheat tubes were not open and some alignment issues were encountered with flange that was corrected with a sawzall and MIG welder. Problem that has now been encountered is with heat from muffler, it has bubbled the paint on the splash pan.…[Read more]

  • toller replied to the topic Brake Bleeder Fitting in the forum VW Based Kits 6 months ago

    You may also want to check the operation of the brake cylinder. If the bleeder valves are seized it may imply that the brakes have not been serviced in some time. Although I have only had Sabine for two years she gets a full maintenance check when she comes out of hibernation in the spring. Don’t remember if check list I use was posted on this…[Read more]

  • The finish on the car seems to be holding up under the Florida sun. May have to start packing an umbrella if you can’t park it in the shade at the shows you attend

  • toller replied to the topic Weird gauge problem in the forum VW Based Kits 7 months, 1 week ago

    For temperature gauge I replaced the original VDO black face gauge with a white face Royale model, thinking the original gauge was defective. I was getting the needle on the gauge barely moving off of 150 deg after a good run. I tested the temperature sender with boiling water and got the same reading. The stamp on the sender showed 150 F so I…[Read more]

  • toller replied to the topic Weird gauge problem in the forum VW Based Kits 7 months, 1 week ago

    I encountered identical problems with oil pressure and temperature gauges. If you disconnect the + and sender (aka -)wire from the gauges then connect with jumpers to + and – of battery the internals of the gauges should reset the needle back to zero (at least it did so on vintage VDO gauges). Reconnect the proper wires then see if problem is…[Read more]

  • Welcome to the group Michael. You will gain a wealth of info from site and if you can not find an answer post the issue and the members will be respond with their experiential advice. Whether you are doing the work yourself or have someone else do it you will be armed with the info to get it done right

    What kind of engine do you have

  • Victoria
    What Allen means by checking the ground wire on the headlight connector is to verify connectivity between the negative post on the battery and the ground wire on the connector. To check continuity I use a volt/ohm meter. If you do not get a confirmation of connectivity you can try to trace the wire from the connector back to some place…[Read more]

  • My fiberfab does not use a VW wiring harness. The factory used single colour wires with numbered tags on my TDR that after 35 years have dried and fallen off some of the wires. There is a Fiberfab wiring diagram in the tech manual section of the website

  • To add to Kall’s diagnostics a common problem that can be intermittent in nature is a bad ground. You can test with a Volt/ohm meter or a 12volt light bulb with alligator clips as per John Muir’s diagram. Before offering more advice are you going to do the diagnostics and repairs yourself or go to a mechanic?

  • toller replied to the topic BRAKES LOCK UP in the forum VW Based Kits 8 months, 3 weeks ago

    Do you have drums or disks that are locking up?

  • Has anyone used an alternative seat support on their FF MIGI, I have the original fibreglass tub style of seat supports that I have had to cut down so my head was not looking over the windscreen. Problem now is that with the lower profile of the tub can’t get my hand under the seat to tighten the bolts to the pan. Was considering making some…[Read more]

  • Dark side???? Not in my opinion, after seeing the replica Speedsters at Carlisle last year I have been looking/lusting for an early 70s IRS VW chassis and a kit body I could afford. I look forward to your build blog as I found your MG documentation remarkable. Between the library of books I have accumulated and the pics and write up you provided I…[Read more]

  • I used a marine grade, normally open, push button switch wired in series with the keyed ignition switch. The marine switch has 15 amp rated contacts so heat and high amperage switching is not an issue. Reason for wiring push button in series with ignition switch is so I can turn the engine off. Wiring diagrams in tech section will show schematics

  • toller replied to the topic what's up guys in the forum Membership 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    Welcome O’Brien, you have just joined an outstanding group of car owners who vary from grease under fingernails and scraped knuckles from doing everything to those that can provide recommendations for knowledgeable mechanics that can get a 40 year old car running down the road without incident. You will also notice, different from other car forums…[Read more]

  • Dave
    Can see that you are starting from the aluminum channel on left and then fabbed the half of the hinge in second image. The ears of the fabbed piece appear to be of a higher profile than what you started with. Die you weld the aluminum ears or is it just optics? Assume the third image was the template of what you gabbing, correct. In fourth…[Read more]

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