• Thanks for the advice, guys.

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    Late to the party, I know, but eliminating the chassis flex isn’t that tough.  Well, maybe it is if you’ve already put your car together.

    Welding square tubing into the channel at the sides of the VW pan will replace a lot of the stiffness previously supplied by the steel body.  (Convertibles already have the channel filled.)

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    Thanks, guys.  I’ll check out those exotic engines.  The 230 Chev weighs about the same as a Datsun Z engine but the trans may be lighter than even the later, aluminum Powerglide.  And overall simplicity will be an important consideration.  I can rebuild a carburetor but not an ECU.

    Will need to build the suspension first, but it’s good to kno…[Read more]

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    Newbie here.  Just bought an unbuilt FiberFab Ford kit for less than what the grille shell is apparently worth.  So now a new learning curve begins.  (Have loved TDs since I was a whippersnapper, and several years ago I briefly owned a beautifully-built VW-based MiGi.  It was my daily driver except in snow.)


    It seems I was blessed in acq…[Read more]

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