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Here’s a picture of the dash with the glove box door opened to show the stereo & heater controls hidden behind it. I built in a magnetic catch into the dash so the door closes flush, but it is easy to open to adjust the radio while keeping one hand on the wheel driving. 

Making room for dash mounted speakers was a real treat, as you have very limited room to mount anything behind that dash.  I had to install custom baffles behind the speakers so the sound would project out in to the car.  These baffles produced great low tones as well.

(I found out the hard way that solid Zebrawood is a major pain to work with it being so grainey(sp?).   Next time I would do a Zebrawood laminate over a hardwood core and cut the production time by 66%!  I literally spent hours sanding this darn dash to achieve the look and luster I wanted.  Definitely a labor of love…or hate depending on how you look at it! (LOL.)