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Bill Pollard



I have only driven my car about 3 blocks. Yes steering is a little tight left and right. I haven’t checked the toe in or camber adjustment.

Before I adjusted the adjusters they were at the very bottom of the slot. Now I have the set 2 teeth up from the bottom and 7 teeth from the top. To me it appears a little high but I want to drive it a few miles before I make a decission to change the adjusters again.

Before I adjusted the adjusters the frame height set level (carpenter torpedo level) but the fenders had about 1/4″ clarence above the tires. Now the fenders clear the tires about 2 1/2″ – 3″ and the level indicates I am a little high in front.

Hopefully with a little driving everything will settle into place.

My next project will be to install my new custom bumpers and install the powder coated engine tin and two barrel carb set up. I have the new upholstery purchased just have to make time to have it made up and installed.