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Bill Saurber


They won’t necessarily hang at the same exact angle, but they should be close.  That’s why I said it sounded like you had one the upper indexed 90* out on your first assembly, and it’s easy to do. 

How hard are the spindles to move back and forth with the tie rods disconnected?  Also, if your have your steering boxrotated on the beam too high or too low it could cause some amount of binding, but it shouldn’t be too significant.  I would start by disconnecting your tie rods and cycle your steering box lock to lock.  If you don’t have any binding there, grab each spindle and move it back and forth to see if either/both bind up.  If they’re free, reconnect everything and cycle the steering with no weight on it.  If there is no binding there then let the car back down and see what happens.  If it starts to bind now then you probably have an issue with the steering box either having really worn components that are binding up under load, or maybe it is rotated out of index and binding the tie rods or another suspension component.  <>  Here’s another thing I just thought of…I can’t remember if it’s possible or not, but check to see if your pitman arm is mounted upside down and causing the tie rod to hit the steering arm or any other components.  And here’s one obvious question but I’ll ask anyway so as to leave nothing out…Are the tie rods mounted so that the right is on the right side of the pitman and the left on the left side of the pitman? It might be helpful to have someone else turn the wheel while you watch what’s going on up front.  If you can post a pic of your steering box area let’s have a look at it.