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Mark Hendrickson



It gets a little tricky guiding the torsion leaves through that square hole in the adjuster. I used some painters tape (blue) to hold the leaves together until I got them through the adjuster.

I then “eyeball” centered the leaves in the tubes and finger tightened the snub bolts after adjusting them where I wanted them making sure the leaf sets were parallel.

THEN I INSTALLED THE TRAIL ARMS ON THE LEAVES ONE SIDE AT A TIME. I snugged their snub bolts up and then installed the other side trail arms and snugged up their snub bolts. Then I installed the spindles on to the ball joints.

I assume this is how you did it. I wonder what made that upper snub bolt let the adjuster turn so far? Sounds like the leaf sets were not parallel when the snub bolts were tightened or they turned under load due to a loose snub bolt. Weird…

At any rate, the problem wil be fixed in time for the cruise weather and that’s all that counts!