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Hey guys,I’m impressed with the interest generated & questions. As Larry Murphy stated , it was sold to me new in 1982 as a “completed” car. And again he is right in that it came from Port Orange, Fl. ( a suburb of Daytona). The wipers are stock VW as is the power train but the engine was bored out to 1700 cc creating 102 hp. It rides & drives like a dream. Allison did make a front engine Nissan power train for a few models but was tragically¬†killed in a plane crash before he was able to sell to many of them. I don’t know what happened to his molds or equipment ,¬†and as with most of the makers , the company is gone. The car was stored for years & only has 8,000 parade miles on it. Now having been restored with minor work the gel coat paint shines again. When I figure out picture posting , you’ll see more.Larry