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William J Collins


Mark ..Hopefully I’ll have the sample by the next NJRC Meeting…Say you want two,I want two and Frank wants One I know ..thats five already frome the order of 25 ..Well if the orders do come mayby have to up to 50 or so ..Larger orders get lower price …talking Tee Shirts …in the 60s-70s when I travel with Amusements of America .I had a Tee Shirt concession..Also a Photo-Button joint (Still have the Button Making Machine)…How about some of those little Hula Girls with a TD tank-Top for the Dash..You know the ones that wiggle when you hit bumps in the road…You know I also joined the PT Cruiser owners Club and I find that there are five members right here in East Rutherford..Well thats another club ..I here a good word for fort Monmouth from a politician…hes fighting to keep it open..See ya a NJRC in July……BC