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Paul is correct.. I had made some designs using powerpoint. they were rather simple. I was clearing some of the clutter from the server and deleted them just two days ago

Hopefully, I still have a copy on my other computer. I’ll try and look for them tonight. If not, all is not lost…. I can put a few more together over the next week or so…. I keep you all posted?

I hope everyone is still on board with the badges? I know I stared this a while ago and originally got a great response? I posted a link to this thread on our homepage so everyone visiting the site will know what we are working on and can get their order in?..

Once the order is done and we can get some pics of the actual badge.. I?ll make a page on with a link to order so anyone visiting can order their own badge?



Nothing wrong with “mutant” cars… that has to be one of the best things about kit cars and VW’s… the variety and individualness (is that a word?) of each car… Can’t wait to see some more of you work… heck, I’d give you your own page just to document the progress… think we can all learn and admire you creativeness and diligence..