Differences between Ford/VW Bodies

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Steve Crites


As a current owner of a Ford based TD, and the previous owner of 4 VWs, my 2cents agrees with PinkMG.

You say the frame is “no problem”, but realize that not only would it be a complete frame from stem to stern,  but the body would have to be widened as well as lengthened due to  the need to change the running gear to front engine/rear drive. Unless you are a fabricator or own a shop the cost involved  would be  like puttin’ a forty dollar saddle on a ten dollar mule.

I had to look for a while to find a Ford based TD since I knew I didn’t want a VW based. (been there, done that).  If you’re willing to build a whole frame then the sky is the limit and I wouldn’t limit myself to a TD  (even if I do love mine!!)

Good Luck!