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Mark Hendrickson



The VW body is made to bolt to a VW floor pan. It had no floor and the “rocker rails” are totally different than the Ford or Chevy bodies. the Ford and Chevy bodies have a molded fiberglass floor that the body gets bonded to. The rear TD “gas tank” piece is also different as are the splash plans. On the VW it’s a hinged engine cover. On the Ford/Chevy it’s fixed and shaped different.

I agree the TD has “classic” lines. If I had the $$, I’d have a 99 point restored one.

In 2001-2002, had an un built Ford based CMC TD kit. I bought it from a guy that had it “hidden” from his wife in his attic!

The frame was 2×4 mild steel. I had planned to build a Cobra killer road racer, leaving the body white gelcoat and everything else powder coated bright red except for the grille, headlights and bumpers. Here’s what I had stockpiled for the build:

3.8L Buick V6 (heavily machined, balanced, roller cam, roller rockers, performance rods, MSD distributor and 6AL box, Edelbrock, Holley 500 cfm 2bbl, .030″ over forged KB pistons), TH200R4 “tricked out” trans, 13 gallon ATL Fuel Cell, in dash Autometer gauges, road racing oil pan, 8″ Ford rear with 3.55 posi, 11″ rear disc w/GM “G” body calipers, aluminum driveshaft, coil over rear suspension, torque arm w/panhard bar, pinion mouned disc parking brake, coil over/tubular Mustang II front suspension using 11″ Ford Granada rotors and the same GM “G” body calipers as the rear, Griffin radiator, Minilite 15×8 racing wheels, ceramic coated headers and side pipes, 4 point roll bar, Kirkey vintage racing seats, the list goes on.

I ended up selling the the car as a rolling chassis with the body and the balance of kit’s body parts sitting on it. The retired California buyer wanted the stock Pinto 2.3L/3 spd Automatic and all the suspension and running gear from the Pinto donor car I had. He wanted it built “stock”. He had it shipped from NJ to CA to boot!

I am using most of the other stuff in my 1940 Ford Sedan, except the Buick V6. I sold that to a road racer to use in a “spec” car. He said it’s scary fast in his 1,300 pound car.

I put a 4.3L Chevy V6 on steroids in the 40 Ford. I sold the gutted Pinto to the Garden State Vintage Stock Car Club who was restoring a ’70’s asphalt oval modified stock car.


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