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Keith True


The hydraulic self-contained setups are made by Neal,among many others.You can position them anywhere you want fore and aft,if you use the throttle setup on them you have to keep it close to the tunnel for the cable to feed into.I have that setup in one of mine and did not use the Neal throttle.I used a stock type pedel and moved the hyd.assembly to the left.There was not enough room between the brake pedel and the tunnel for my foot.I took the front discs off my TD,with the weight of the car I was overbrakeing.There are adjustable valves to take care of that but the drums work fine without fading as it is.The only drawback to the hyd.pedel setup I found is the price of a good one.I have two cars on the road,one with the hyd.setup and one with the original VW setup.You ought to drive one of each first,the cable setup in one of mine pushes easier than the hyd.one.