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Don Shively


 Hi Todd. 

So far you seem to be the only fellow that has exactly the same car I bought a few days ago. The gentleman was in his 80’s had a few heart attacks and decided to get rid of a few of this things he could no longer maintain. It had sat for three years. Sadly, he took it to an unscrupulious VW repair shop. They stole parts off of this 1974 VW conversion, and may have even swapped engines! It outraged the man when I emailed him photos of the bailing wire used in place of the stolen accelerator cable. The gas line that was split and merely shoved into place only to pop off almost burning me and my wife to death.  Thank God for a relative noticing it and properly installing it.  When the accelerator stuck and I had to swerve to avoid a collision, I joined this formum.  I want a safe, sharp looking car. I want the stolen emblems and proper instalations done. I would appreciate a catalogue or site I can go to in order to obtain these things.  It will be running again Monday and I feel lucky to have stumbled across this unfairly treated lady.  Please help if you can.  Don Shively,