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VicS wrote:
I saw on the other MGTD forum where Frankie wondered why all of you seem to post to that forum, but not to this forum. I like the posting method on the other forum, but I find it difficult to find and post to this forum on this website. And speaking of that this is the second time I have tried to post to this forum. After I completed my last posting, I hit the [Preview Post] button and my whole message just disappeared, so I’m trying again. Are some of the rest of you having the same problem? Perhaps if we let Frankie know that we are computerese challenged in a kindly, diplomatic way, he could make it a little easier for us.


Not sure why you are having problems posting. I haven’ heard of any others but I’ll run through things to make sure there are no problems.

I’m also working of a Email system like the one we are using on Yahoo. Mostly to get news letter out to the group but may work just like the Yahoo one. The one nice thing about this forum is it put topics or subject together so to follow one conversation is much easier than reading thru several emails.