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Keith True


That design front end is probably the most bulletproof there is.The front end guy that I use for my shop said you would have to put it in upside down for it to not work.He is changing the camber on my Model A Fords for me.They were designed for balloon tires and tend to run on the edges.He said with the new tires and no ruts in the roads the axle can run much flatter.What a difference after he bends the axle.When I told him I took all the leaves out of my axle beam in the TD and the level stayed the same he was not surprised.When I had time to talk with him I asked him why.In the late 60″s and early 70″s he and his boys built a bunch of dune buggies.They were only used on the street and they liked the front ends low with a soft ride.He feels that the TD body is light enough that it will be OK even with the turned tubes.The TD I have had for about 20 years holds the road good,it just rode rough.My 2 biggest problems have been the rear swinging out on a washboard road,and the front end trying to rise up in the wind if I try to go fast with it.Those fenders are like airplane wings.The steering gets very light,and a good gust of wind has picked it off the road before.That is not a big deal as I use these cars for back road pleasure riding.On one I am just starting to redo there is concrete poured just behind the axle beam,where the master cyl.should be,and the same on the pass.side.Was this another commom band-aid fix as cutting and turning the tubes?