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Keith True


What you need to do with the torsion leafs is to cut short pieces and tack them on to the long leaves you are going to use.I made them about four inches long.They will act as a dummy leaf and take up the space so the grub screw will work properly.You will have to cut some short peices for the outboard ends also.I figured out what had to be done,and was thinking about epoxying them on,as they only have to stay put until the grub screw is tightened.I was checking around on the Samba website and found these guys do this all the time.They actually tack weld the short peice on.I was thinking it would affect the strength of the leaf,and it probably does,but in reality they say it does not seem to affect it.I have welded a lot of truck frames for a living,and when I asked the man that taught me a lot about it, he said,well you got this frame with about 200,000 lb tensile strength.When you get done you are going to have 190.000 lbs of strength.You might get 40,000 put on it in use.Are you gonna worry?I am trying to finish up a redo of a car right now that the fellow bought new HEAVY DUTY everything.I took out the leaves and when I jump up on the front end it is like jumping on a concrete floor.Turns out he bought an off-road front end with extra-strong leaves.That has an adjustable front end,but being for off-road it is set to adjust the spindles DOWN,for more clearance.At its lowest level it is higher than a stock front end.I have to cut and turn the adjuster in it now.