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Mark Hendrickson


Handing is more than just going around corners. Sure, on a smooth road these things handle like go-karts, but in a panic stop or panic steering manuever and on bumpy roads, the handling is dangerous and usually uncontrolable.

I’ve seen guys that adapt large motorcycle rear coil over shocks and remove the beam center snub bolts. Then they fine tune the spring rates. I think Eibach is now making motorcycle coils. This method has it’s drawbacks too. The torsion leaves act like an anti-sway bar that is way too stiff. So, you are right back to having to remove leaves and unfortunately, with this set up, you can’t remove enough of them. Even just the 4 main leaves, it’s too stiff.

By removing leaves from a pre-cut beam, you may correct the torsion rate, but the car will lose ride height. A stock, un-cut beam may work though. I just sprung for the adjustable bare beam and figured I’d do the job once. You are headed the right way to correct the car’s front suspension problem by removing leaves though.

In the rear, removing the torsion bars and turning them down makes them softer. As I said, on mine, I removed .100″ from each in my IRS rear suspension.

I used to race mini-modifieds at a local asphalt oval. Although my car was not a VW based car, I learned a lot of what I used on my VW based TD from guys back who raced VW based cars. I also have a close friend that has been in the VW (now all cars) repair business since the 1960’s. They started out as an air cooled VW shop, but now do most all cars. His main clientel are BMW, Audi and Mercedes owners.