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Paul Mossberg


Hey Schu,

Sounds like it all worked as it should. Removing leaves softens the suspension, so it will sit lower when you drop the car back to the ground.

Maybe you just typed wrong, but I believe there are four main bars (the wide onesĀ in the middle), with three narrow bars on top and three on bottom. You can remove the narrow bars. You should leave the four wide bars.

If you go back to Pink MG’s post (, you will also see he recommended an adjustable beam. This enables you to reset the ride height, if necessary, to compensate for the lowering effect of the softer suspension.

Yes, you will find list members at Carlisle. One place to look for us is at the New Jersey Replicar Club tent on the show field. Bill Collins, Pink MG and I will be there (or you can ask anyone in the tent where we are). I’m hopeful there will be others.

PMOSSBERG2013-12-02 22:18:26

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