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Mark Hendrickson


Great news Geoff…You’ve been waiting a long time.

Changing the fuel washed oil was a great idea. Dump about 16 ounces of Marvel Mystery Oil in about 500 miles before you change it again. this will help free up stuff gummed up inside. Do that a couple of times for the next two oil changes.

Be sure the PCV hose is not collapsed either. It will cause the crankcase to build too much pressure and seals start to leak.

For rough running, try a large bottle of Chevron Techron. You can’t use too much. Just dump the whole large bottle in. Don’t forget the fuel filter either. The Weber/Holley 2 bbl has a puny little paper filter in the inlet. Change that one and put one in the line between the tank and fuel pump too. Do this BEFORE you add the Techron.

By the way, if there are Chevron gas stations near you, Techron is already in the premium, just not the regular and mid-grade.

Get a decent vacuum gauge to set the idle mixture. They are cheap from Harbor Freight or similar tool vendors.

There are suppliers that sell jet kits for this carb too. This carb was used on the Vega and also used on the VW 2 bbl carb swap kits. The VW kit carbs are pre-smog carbs and don’t use the fuel feedback and electronic controls. Re-jetted they are fine to run on the larger displacement LIMA engine.

Don’t trust the TIMING BELT either. They are cheap ( and use discount code 17405571014459.

The battery may not hold a charge if it’s been sitting so long. Use Battery Tenders on all my “hobby” car’s batteries.