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Paul Mossberg



Different Paul here.

A manual method to resizing pictures, which works on a PC running any version of Windows:

Right click a picture and hover over “Send to” in the list. Sellect Mail Recipient. Your mail client may pop up a window asking if you want to make your pictures smaller or keep them the same size.Click the radio button for “make them smaller”.

They should now appear as attachments to a draft¬†email. From there, right click the attachment and select “save as”. Save the now smaller file back to your desktop; use a new file name, especially if you save them back to the same folder as the original.

These should be well within the requirements of this site for posting.

And nothing will have happened to your original.

If you are running Windows XP, Microsoft has a power toy that adds a resize function. After installing it, when you right click on any image file, you will see an option to resize the picture.

Directions for use are at this site: learnmore/tips/eschelman2.mspxfile ,

The download site is at: ertoys.mspx

You do not have to be a techie to download, install or use this. Just follwo the instructions on the download site.

Paul Mossberg
Former Owner of a 1981 Classic Roadsters Ltd. Duchess (VW)
2005 Intermeccanica Roadster

If you own a TDr and are not in the Registry, please go to and register (you need to copy and paste the link)