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M Watson


Alllllllright!!!!!! finally, some new things to read..Paul W…I see you are doing the research..It helps us all..keep it up!  Paul M..thanks for the info,  I too enjoy your catalog brain…now for a new question, did the real TDs have a stock color wheel or were they painted to match the body, interior, or some other color?    Paul W, I went to the gro store last week and Wendys was hosting a Rod & Custom car show..about 40+ cars there and here I come by in the yellow TDrep and ALL heads turned my way with lots of “thumbs up” from these guys.  Soooo,,, on the way out I swung by the drive thru and let everyone get a closer look..felt really good and lots of smiles were all around..I don’t think anyone knew the difference from real and repro..later..MWatson