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Keith True


I absolutely hate those wire peices of trash.I have three of these cars and use the slotted VW wheels,flat VW hubcaps,and skinny trim rings.I would like to find the right size MG emblems to put in the center of the VW hubcaps.I run the wood finished dashes just because I like them,and a friend that restores TD”s uses them too for the same reason.I have owned a couple of real TD”s and you are right,these things will run circles around them.I can put my wife in one in the spring and never look at the car until next spring. Mine are all VW powered but I would like to try a pinto powered one.I had a Chevette powered one and hated it.The first replica I had I took in trade on one of my real TD”s.That one had roll-up windows and the doors opened backwards.Liked the way it ran but hated the car itself.I never did know the make of that one but I knew I would never own another like it.The guy that bought it just loved it,so it was a personal thing.I just had to work to get in with the backwards doors.