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BCW’s id plates should be located in the trunk on the cowl (this

is the body piece underneath the windshield).

A few suggestions for identifying a BCW in a photo.

If the car you are looking at has suitcase type hinges on the

hood, it is not a BCW. BCW used a long stainless steel hinge

on the driverside similar to the original TD type hinge.

If it does not have a real spare tire, it is not a BCW.

BCW’s will only have original TD windshield components, tail

lights, and running lights. Take a look at Jerry’s car. Fyi, there

was another kit car company that used the same original MG

parts, but only in its top line model. BCW only used original


BCW did not use faux wire wheel hubcats, although owners

could have put them on themselves. BCW’s hubcats did have a

BCW on center emblem.

These are just a few key things to look at in any photo to see if it

is a BCW.

If in doubt feel free to contact me.


BCW #183