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Mark Hendrickson


There were only two Chevette based TD kits that I recall, British Coach Works (BCW) and CMC/FiberFab. Not sure if the Classic Roadster “Duchess” was manufactured in a front engine version.

The BCW car used real TD repro windshield, door handles, hardware, glass taillights, cast headlight mounts, etc. The hood was hinged down the center.

The CMC/Fiberfab car used a “marine” universal windshield frame, VW taillights, fabricated headlight “bar”, etc. The hood was hinged on one side only. Plus, I think the CMC/Fiberfab car had a fabricated aluminum gas tank (not really sure about this though).

The fiberglass quality is yards apart too. The BCW is very thick, hand laid glass. The CMC/Fiberfab is “chopper-gun” glass and usually very thin. It was also final color gel-coat and the BCW cars were usually painted.