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Keith True


I think you are right.If safety is a big concern then he needs to be driving a different car.All the improvements and doodads we swear about in new cars =a much safer vehicle.Toys are unsafe no matter what you do.I put lap belts in one of mine,I bolted the inside halfs to the tunnel,and the outside half through the rear bulkhead near where the jack point used to be.Years ago I sold a dune buggy to a fellow,within a couple of weeks he crashed it.I was called out to pick it up with the wrecker and all there was together was a VW chassis.The body was bolted down tightly but at each bolt there was a circle of fiberglass left.That chopped body had disintegrated.He was wearing a seat belt,but only because without one it was hard to stay in the seat on a sharp corner.(it had stock VW seats)He had a bloody nose and a lump on the back of his head where the body slapped him on its way off the chassis.The TD my wife drives was bought because the wife of the previous owner realized how it was built.She is a safety minded yuppie that drives a Volvo and would not ride in it nor let her kids ride in it.I guess that you can look at it as being either over protective,or just smarter than most of us.Having a toy involves risks and the owner has to decide just how much of a risk taker he is.All my life I have ridden motorcycles,driven odd cars,(BMW Isetta for one)antique cars with all steel around you and the only thing that has bothered me was driving a cabover truck.If you hit anything you are the buffer between the truck and what you are hitting.