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Michael Pullen


Pink MG,

The weather here is absolutely perfect this week; mid 70’s, clear and sunny.  The only thing is that in the central valley of California, we strart fretting about the coming heat as soon as it stops raining. Within six weeks it will be hitting the upper 80’s.  By June we’ll be in the 90’s and by July we’ll settle into day after day of 100 plus.  I hate snow with a passion, but in general I’ll take a little cold (say 40 degrees) over a little hot (100) any day. Working outdoors, you can stay warm a lot easier than you can cool off.

I’ve been working on Merlin quite a lot…until the clutch self destructed on my ’65 Ford this afternoon.  I can’t take time to fix that now so it’s going to suck up a lot of cash.  By the time I get the other problems fixed that it makes sense to fix when the trans is pulled it’ll be over a grand I’m sure. There goes Merlins wiring and instrument budget for this month.